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With the development of cryptocurrency, the world has divided into a centralized and decentralized economy. Digital assets are rapidly developing and will soon be used along with fiat money. While the world is not ready to completely abandon the use of fiat as many countries are not ready to work exclusively with digital assets. Decentralized UCIM platform intends to unite the world of fiat money and cryptocurrency, becoming the bridge between the traditional payment system and the world of cryptocurrency. UCIM unites investors, projects and experts to develop the cryptocurrency market and introduce technologies, ideas and business. UCIM shares events among the group of like-minded people to inform its users.

Key features of UCIM

UCIM is a decentralized platform for bringing together experts and content to promote their developments. The developments of UCIM users can be useful in all areas of life without any limits. Through the use of blockchain technology and the AI, FinTech and ML platform brings together all categories of users at the global level. Consolidation of investors, interesting startups with connecting the media will contribute to the development of the world of innovation and a decentralized economy.

Advantages of UCIM

Registration at the project is performed through the KYC verification. This is necessary to verify users and reduce online fraud. After the registration is completed, a separate personal account with a full range of professional tools is created for each participant. The information on the startups to receive funding is posted on a competitive basis, when the best project gets an investment for its development according to the voting results. Initially, all categories of users are divided into sponsors and speakers.

Through the use of nano-technology, the project creators provide a number of opportunities to their users. Investors in the project will be able to finance profitable startups on favorable terms to obtain a stable profit in the future. Project creators will be able to share their ideas for their further implementation. With the support of the media, information on projects will be posted on various media, which contributes to the maximum promotion of projects for different categories of people. In addition, UCIM platform is equipped with UCIM Trading Challenge tool, allowing to trade cryptocurrency at the global level.

Each user decides what format he/she will work with by purchasing a package of services. “Millennial” package is designed for students and managers and provides access to the discussion panel, an opportunity to participate in contests and open conferences for discussion. The standard cost is $499, access at the initial stage is free. “Standard” package provides the opportunity to participate in competitions for financing startups. Standard cost is $1199, early registration costs $749. “VIP” package provides all participants the opportunity to participate in VIP events and exclusive discussions of new promising project ideas. The annual cost of the package is $1999, but in the case of an early subscription it is $1199.

The dates of the conference are identified, it takes place on November 26 and 27 in Singapore. At the round table, sponsors will decide which projects will be sponsored. The agenda also includes issues regarding the legal regulation of the platform, the method of collecting investments and the issue of remuneration for project participants. At the moment it is known that three types of awards will be developed, the maximum of which is gold.


Thus, at the moment, UCIM project is at the initial stage of its creation. In the framework of the conference in Singapore, the main issues for the further platform’s development will be resolved. All categories of participants will be able to attend the meeting, and some, according to the purchased service packages, will be able to vote on the issues discussed. UCIM platform will help in the development of projects and innovative ideas. The project unites like-minded people who need to finance their ideas. As they prove their effectiveness, the best projects will get awards and investments for further development.


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This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.


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