Foresting - a social network of a new level based on blockchain

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Now the Internet is saturated with an abundance of social networks, and each offers its own unique functions. But, unfortunately, at the moment there is no social network ready to offer its users complete security of personal data, protection from hacking and chat bots. According to statistics, each user at least once suffered from hacking attempts, and black lists with blocked junk e-mail pages are simply overflowed for most active users. Given these factors, not all users are ready to post their photos and information on the network, which prevents full-fledged communication. Decentralized Foresting platform offers a social network of a new generation based on blockchain technology that offers its users a high level of protection of personal data. The platform is equipped with all the necessary professional tools for easy and convenient communication, as well as for doing business.

Key features of Foresting

Foresting project enables content creators to connect to the system around the world and receive rewards in the form of platform tokens. Thanks to the platform’s UX / UI, content creation is easier than ever - with minimal time and maximum profit. A new concept of using cryptocurrency in a social network will allow monetizing created content.

Benefits of Foresting

Foresting is a mobile service for social networks of a new level, based on blockchain technology. Blokchain reliably protects user data from unauthorized use, completely excluding the possibility of hacking an account. The project is available both in the web version and in the mobile application with a high level of adaptation to the existing line of smartphones. To start working on the project, it is necessary to pass MCC registration, which will identify users and exclude duplication of pages.

Foresting works as an intuitive platform and, through the use of nano-technologies, provides its users with a wide range of content, including video and images. Calculations on the project are carried out using smart contracts, excluding the participation of third-party companies and minimizing transaction fees.

Foresting social network allows not only communication, but also working with cryptocurrency. The function of trading in online mode with the help of the built-in exchange will allow uniting large cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. P2P service will provide a minimum of 10 options for working with the cryptocurrency using RPC module. The creators of popular content will be able to get a good reward for their successful work. Foresting will also allow the creation of open market advertising, eliminating the distribution of targeted ads.

Foresting platform has a 24-hour support service, which will help to solve complex situations in the operational mode.

Foresting will unite users of the whole world within one platform, creating a unique credit rating system. Global corporations in the field of investment, media and exchange have already joined the project. For example, Foresting successfully collaborates with Google, Sony, BBC, Bibox, etc.

Foresting cryptocurrency

To perform calculations within the project, PTON tokens, implemented according to the ERC-20 standard on the basis of Ethereum, are used. A total of 24 million tokens were issued, of which 40% were allocated for sale. The preliminary sales on the project were successfully completed ahead of schedule. The timing of the main crowdsale is not yet known.


Thus, Foresting platform implements a new social network based on blockchain technology, allowing users to get the most out of communication with a high level of information security. The project is reliably protected from chat bots and other spam mailings, maintaining a high level of content with the ability to host and view photo and video files. The project was launched earlier this year, and now it is planned to launch the alpha version of the project. By the end of the year, the creators of the project are already planning to test the beta version. This will be facilitated by investments made during the ICO, which will be aimed specifically at developing the technical part of the project. In 2019, the final web version of the project, mobile applications based on iOS and Android will be issued.



This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

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