ZenDao Launching ICO. Auction Or Remaining OBITS WARRANTS

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Collectibles Were Never More Secure

ZenDao, a decentralized platform which addresses the current challenges related to the art and collectibles market, is launching their ICO on June 23rd, 2017.

Developed on the Metaverse Blockchain, ZenDao utilizes Blockchain technology to create a digital representation of tangible collectibles on the Blockchain and establish an unalterable digital provenance ledger and ownership transfer channel.

Within the art and collectables market, there are persistent concerns and issues, such as the lack of a reliable proof of provenance or history, market illiquidity, valuation methodology and forgery risks. By tokenizing collectibles, the ZenDao platform will link physical assets with their digital representation on the Blockchain to gain the advantages related with the Blockchain technology, such as security, transparency, speed and ease of transacting.

ZenDao will provide real-time solutions to what were once complex problems, implementing innovative tools, such as the smart script secured trade (“SSST”) and unique authentication mechanism, ZenDao is committed to the protection of the collectibles’ life cycle, allowing for the provenance and history to speak for itself.

During the ICO campaign, the ZenDao Coin (ZDC), the fundamental unit and token of account on the ZenDao platform, representing the value of the entire network, will be distributed to the investors and early backers of the platform.

70% of the initial number of ZDCs on the platform will be allocated to the public through the ICO.

The closing date of fundraising campaign is July 7th, 2017. The price per ZDC and bonus system will be publicly available and published on the official web-page of ZenDao (zendao.org), starting from the ICO opening date.

Recently, OpenLedger ApS signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with ViewFin, the developers of Metaverse™ - the first public Blockchain in China. The resulting partnership has made it possible for the OpenLedger DEX (exchange) to offer all tradable ViewFin products and tokens exclusively, from day one of each ICO, on an international level.

The last ViewFin tokens offered by OpenLedger, ZenGold (ZGC), sold out within 8 hours of release on the OpenLedger DEX.

The ZENDAO markets will open on June 23 as follows:

Bitcoin (BTC): [https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.BTC_ ZENDAO](https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.BTC_ ZENDAO)

ETH: [https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.ETH_ ZENDAO](https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.ETH_ ZENDAO)

Entropy (ETP): [https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.ETP_ ZENDAO](https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.ETP_ ZENDAO)

BitShares (BTS) [https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/BTS_ ZENDAO](https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/BTS_ ZENDAO)

SmartCoin bitUSD: [https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/USD_ ZENDAO](https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/USD_ ZENDAO)

SmartCoin bitCNY: [https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/CNY_ ZENDAO](https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/CNY_ ZENDAO)

As the price of OBITS steadily rises, we have even more Great News from OpenLedger! The Distribution of OBITS WARRANTS to all OpenLedger project supporters has been finalized.


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thanks for sharing

Excited to hear about this being a collectibles and crypto person!

Interesting post. Interesting to see I'm not the only one that is thinking about this. I found that running a business depends on having enough money to run the business but definitely not to much. We give this icos to much money so they are less intended to do an amazing job, they don't have to work to become a profitable business because in their eyes they are already. Besides coinmarketcap.com there is: https://www.coincheckup.com Every single coin can be analysed here based on: the team, the product, advisors, community, the business and the business model and much more. Check: https://www.coincheckup.com/coins/OBITS#analysis To see the: OBITS Investment research report.