OpenLedger Announces Crowdsale for OCASH, The First All-In-One Payments Card - OBITS Holders Receive 5% Sharedrop

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OpenLedger is launching its crowdsale for OCASH, the First All-In-One Payments Card end of August 2017

OpenLedger ApS has announced its groundbreaking token launch for OCASH, the first all-in-one payments card. OCASH will launch its new token, called OCASH (OCS), at the end of August 2017. The new website,, will launch imminently.

OCASH brings the international card payments system to the OpenLedger network, allowing token holders to use Stablecoins (SmartCoins) including bitUSD, bitEUR, bitGBP, and Rubles - plus other OpenLedger tokens such as OBITS, BTC, and ETH - to purchase items anywhere that accept international payment cards.

OCASH holders will benefit from the many usage options offered in the form of monthly or quarterly sharedrops in bitUSD.

"We are witnessing the birth of the biggest shake up in financial history with the introduction of our crypto-ready payments card, allowing instant withdrawal and POS payments," said Ronny Boesing, creator of the OCASH concept and Founder of OpenLedger.

"The option to pay and withdraw any kind of crypto, anywhere and anytime, instantly from your payment card, is groundbreaking. Furthermore, the ability to manage transactions in your browser-based web wallet, and with no need for a bank account, is what will make crypto accessible, overnight and worldwide. Naturally, this will allow OpenLedger to stand strong as a platform, continue to innovate, and above all, give the 2 billion population who are unbanked an easy way to access an account and make transactions."

“OCASH international payment cards draw funds from the users’ contract wallet which support SmartCoins, like bitUSD, and more than 20 other existing cryptocurrencies from the OpenLedger crypto gateway including BTC, ETH, OBITS and BitShares.”

Aside from providing a solution for the expanding crypto-community, OCASH is uniquely equipped to improve upon the entire spectrum of regular debit card and banking services. Markets like international remittances and asset management are ripe for these innovations using OpenLedger and Graphene technologies, and OCASH is well-positioned to reach these new frontiers as a revolutionary financial solution.

While initially providing current token holders with payment utility, the main vision of OCASH is to build a product that anyone can use as an ‘all-in-one bank on the blockchain’ solution, plus it is a great fit for the more than two billion unbanked people. With the accompanying OCASH app alongside the debit card, regular users will have a familiar platform to access and engage in the OpenLedger ecosystem.

"OCASH makes every token better, letting users spend supported tokens with just a swipe at merchants worldwide,” stated Ronny Boesing. “It has unique benefits for the remittance market, and the OBITS token is designed to let all OBITS holders benefit from broad market exposure to the token economy. This is the first of its kind - a payment card making use of stablecoins for instant cash or POS payments and we are excited to finally launch this product."

The OCASH concept will be rolled out in two phases. Phase one will introduce the virtual card with its all-in-one banking solutions, mobile app, website with sign-up page and physical card, all within a 3 month period. Phase two will see the launch of an ICO, focusing on the marketing funds needed for maximum global exposure, using Phase one as a sort of proof of work, prototype or alpha version, resulting in the introduction of a blockchain-instant interface approximately 1 to 2 months after the end of the ITO.

To receive more information related to the pre-sale, and to sign up for a debit card or receive the whitepaper, please visit

Don't miss next OBITS BuyBack & Burn

OBITS has once again hit a record! Over $1.5 Million USD were raised during the OBITS WARRANTS AUCTION, held last Sunday. The entire supply of OBITS is now available for anyone to purchase. Voting options on OBITS will start on the first week of July, giving voters the choice of sharedrop, buyback or a 50% mix of sharedrop and buyback.

A snapshot on OBITS holders in the middle of July will define who will receive 5% of the supply of OCASH as a sharedrop. A similar snapshot on all OBITS holders will happen in the middle of each month for the next 4 months, so keep your friends close, and your OBITS closer.

Buy OBITS here:




In case you've missed our livestream with Ronny Boesing, check video here!

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Thanks. Followed. Upvoted. Resteemed. OCASH will be like Bitcoin for the bridge between crypto and many markets that don't directly take crypto. I encourage people to develop things to compete with OCASH if they are not already. Do you think others will compete with OCASH? Do we need OCASH? Can BITCOIN come out with a debit card or can other crypt alt coins have debit cards or maybe the wallet QC bar code? I think more stores will accept the crypto wallets directly more. But OCASH will still be useful for older markets. Eventually, OCASH will probably not be useful unless if OCASH becomes convenient for being very universal if people only want ONE PROGRAM, like OCASH, instead of many different crypto coins. It can make their lives simple if people have too many crypto coins. Some people will have OCASH. I do not know what I will do. I have Bitcoin and other crypto too. I have some wallets too. I might try to get debit cards for crypto or for banks maybe. I do not want to have a bank now but I will think about it.

This will be great for crypto. Even if bitcoin comes out with something similar, the Bitcoin transaction times are currently too long for casual spending on a day to day basis. Easy access like this should change everything.

What is the relationship between OpenLedger, BitShares, and Bittrex? Are these separate projects, any owned/operated by the same people?

Bitshares is a blockchain. Openledger is a Denmark company/conglomerate that makes use of the blockchain to offer financial services.

Bittrex is a US based exchange that has no relation with any of them.

The OBITS Warrants sale is somewhat strange. These tokens can be used to generate new OBITS. The earnings from selling the OBITS Warrants have been used to buy OBITS and burn them.

Isn't that somewhat circular? You burn some OBITS, but in order to do so, you sell some Warrants to generate new OBITS.

This kind of financial engineering makes me distrust CCEDK / Ronny Boesing.

Also, one single account seems to have 70% of the OBITS available. What happens if that account dumps the OBITS on the market? Is there any assurance that they won't?

When looking on the BitShares exchange, I examined the 2nd day of each month, when the OBITS buybacks are supposed to happen. On some of those days, volume and price are high - which is consistent to the buybacks happening. However, sometimes the 2nd day of the month is missing completely from the BitShares exchange graph. How is this possible? Was the entire BitShares network out of order so there is no data? I can't understand this, it seems fishy.

There is also the confusion: BitShares is a decentralized exchange and also a cryptocoin, CCEDK is also a decentralized exchange. They also look absolutely the same!

This leads to market confusion. There needs to be a clear explanation of the difference between CCEDK and BitShares, even if it's something like: BitShares set out to be an exchange, then CCEDK came and offered the same exchange but with some improvements (if this is the case, what are the improvements? what is the exact difference?)

Regarding the numerous sharedrops announced: it can be viewed as a valuable thing, or it can be viewed like the company is spamming us with tokens. Nobody ever states the exact amount and value of the sharedrop, such as: "for each 100 OBITS you own, you will receive X OCASH, which, at the current market rate, means about Y BitShares, and reprezent Z% of the total number of OCASH tokens available"

So, my assumption is that we are, in fact, getting very small amounts of the dropped shares - a worthless amount, just enough to keep us somewhat interested.

Amen to that. I was interested in buying some OBITS as well, but there are a lot of unclear points that are pushing me away from buying anything. There seems to have a lot of empty promises and worthless rewards.
However, this article provides some details: Hope it helps.

How could you see that one wallet only own 70% of the market?

This will be great for Crypto all across the board in general great post. Thumbs up

Follow anf vote me i will back

Thanks for the update ! will check it out for sure :) !! you got my follow !

is this as card? it went public yesterday, with price falling from 1,9 BTC to cca 7 ksats. In a long run, I think it will prevail. What do you think? or this is just comparing apples and plums?

Not a card . uses BTC and ETH related tokens (ERC20), whereas OCASH uses Stablecoins and OpenLedger's.

So, with OL you have stablecoins bitUSD, bitEUR, etc. You can use OL tokes such as OBITS. And insted of ETH, OpenLedger uses OPEN.ETH. Insted of BTC, it uses OPEN.BTC, which might seem the same.


I wonder what this means for BLOCKPAY... :-S

I'm curious what this really means "... to purchase items anywhere that accepts international payment cards."

Will stores have to have something at the point of sale to accept/swipe the card, be willing to accept the crypto-currency as payment, or will it swipe and work as if they are accepting native currency through some kind of immediate exchange to fiat?

Are these "international payment cards" accepted in the same vein as Visa & Mastercard?

Maybe I missed something in the details (which are understandably in the works) but

Openledger and Bitshares have smart coins like bit.USD, bit.EUR that are pegged at the value of the fiat currency they represent. I guess Ocash will use them under the hood - you'll either hold a balance of those for spending or there would be some instant exchange to the smart coin from the asset you want to spend; the OCASH card will probably use visa or mastercard tech so it should be accepted at any regular POS.

Excellent Ronnie. This looks really good.

I withdraw Open ETH from BTS network using "test198401" account by OpenLeger , and one month later, didn't receive the ETH in my pocket, and the support team didn't give me feedback for a long time. How can you be trusted?

ok, i got the open ETH. Send comments works here. Even one month later the ETH already drop a lot.

Interesting post. Same thoughts here. What if you give somebody a lot of money, they are less likely to work hard, smart and fight for their secure future. Starting a business is simply not easy. Companies have fight and go through the darkest times to get there. Starting of with a big bunch of money that most of this icos don't have simply doesn't help. An interesting website I found: I'm using this site that gives in depth reports on every tradable cryto in the market. Go to: To check OBITS Research report

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