Great News For All OBITS, ICOO, BTSR And BTS holders!

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OpenLedger has obtained a total of $1.6 Million USD of investment allowing four major projects of OpenLedger, (JOYY), GetGame (REA), Apptrade (APPX), and OCASH to start immediate production. ITOs for three of these projects, (JOYY), GetGame (REA), and OCASH will be announced in the following months. The ITOs for these projects will allow for further funds to be invested into the development and marketing of each individual project, while simultaneously allowing investors to join and prosper.

Furthermore, at the end of June 2017, OpenLedger will announce sharedrops for holders of tokens related to eDEV, Getgame and OCASH. We will also announce a 24-hour window where investors will be able to send funds to a special account to purchase the last of the OBITS WARRANTS. The amount raised will be used in full for next month’s buyback, and the number of OBITS WARRANTS will be dropped in proportion to the amounts bought.

Denmark-Based OpenLedger Inks Deal With Chinese Company, Raising 11 Million DKK

OpenLedger Aps, based in Pandrup, Denmark, has received seed funding to the tune of 11 Million DKK ($1.6 Million USD) from a group of a group of Chinese, American and European investors, allowing four major projects managed by OpenLedger, namely (EDEV, JOYY), GetGame (REALITY), Apptrade (APPX), and OCASH (OCASH) to start immediate production.

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Thanks for the heads up . So much going on and things are moving so fast that this really helps out! Steem On!

Interesting post. Same thoughts here. Be prepared for a fluctuating crypto market. We really need more insights in the market and previous investment results (even though they don't deliver any guarantee for the future). An interesting website I found: I'm using this site that gives in depth reports on every tradable cryto in the market. Go to: To check OBITS Research report