Dinosaurs and DinoMess App Launch. QORA on OpenLedger. Internet Of Coins is reaching First Goal

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OpenLedger Brings Dinosaurs Back to Life 65 Million Years Later Through Partnership with GetGame

In partnership with GetGame and Aetsoft, OpenLedger is continuing to deliver investors unique crypto-based investments in leading-edge tech projects - this time, with the augmented reality mobile game, DinoMess.

A mashup between the uber-popular Pokémon Go and Jurassic Park, game players are free to roam the streets of their communities while capturing and battling life-sized dinosaurs.

Already having launched an alpha release to rave reviews in Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand, dinosaur-lovers worldwide are soon in for a treat as the game is soon launching globally - as are investors interested in joining the AR trend and funding the project, and additional upcoming AR apps.

May 15th, 2017 is the day that DinoMess launches its BETA release on a global scale.

Currently, an early-bird opportunity is on offer to purchase GetGame's "REALITY" tokens. With a limited amount of 10,000,000 available tokens - afterwards to be fully-tradable on the OpenLedger exchange - funders can expect to receive up to 20% of yearly dividends from DinoMess and 10% on all future GetGame apps as they are released, with an expectation of at least four new releases a year.

Ronny Boesing, Founder of OpenLedger, said, “True to OpenLedger's commitment of supporting innovative projects and business models, DinoMess has also received praise for the unique value it offers both an educational platform - allowing new fun & interactive ways to visualize information - and B2C advertising model selling AR real estate and in-game sponsorships, which serve to increase dividends for investors, as well as enriching experiences for players.”

For more info on DinoMess, visit https://dinomess.com

Details on how to purchase "REALITY" tokens to profit from both DinoMess and GetGame's upcoming mobile AR, VR and blockchain based games are available at https://getgame.io

OpenLedger ApS is hiring Country Ambassadors

Commission Only Position

We don’t just take anyone. We want the best.

OpenLedger ApS are looking for Country Ambassadors worldwide who can officially represent our projects (current and future) to their local blockchain and business environments. We wish to have representatives speaking as many languages as there are countries, and countries may have more than one Ambassador, depending on size and geographic location.

If you have excellent communication skills, digital marketing skills and the experience in PR, sales or marketing to back it up, and you are interested in blockchain and future technologies, plus a deep desire to boost your career one of the most dynamic blockchain platforms, then we want to hear from you.
Conditions of employment: We are hiring on commission only basis. The commission from the various revenue streams we offer is paid in OBITS - a digital token powered by YOU, the OpenLedger DC, the ecosystem and their participants.

OBITS are the official digital token of the OpenLedger DC allowing token holders to reap a proportional share of the profits on OpenLedger, and any further projects added in the future. OBITS can be converted to BTS or FIAT currency, as desired by you.

Details and structures of commission payouts will be discussed with final candidates.

Commissionable Products:

You will be able to get commission from:

1 the contracts you will make in connection with advertising activities.

2 all of the active signup's you have made referring and helping your network of bloggers become part of the Bloggers Club activity in your assigned geographical area.

3 all sales of products within our organization achieved by referred bloggers who are part of the VIP Bloggers Club program.

4 all sales of products within our organization achieved by referred ambassadors.

5 all sales of products within our organization achieved by yourself.

Wil you receive an official contract? Yes!

Please apply ONLY if you are interested in commission based work.

To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.


QORA made its debut on the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Designed for high-speed transactions, the OpenLedger DEX as a digital asset exchange allows users to trade assets in real time, securely, and with ultra-low fees, with various gateways to both cryptocurrencies and fiat.

QORA now joins the many other assets issued and backed by OpenLedger, including OBITS, ICOO, BTSR, QBITS, BLOCKPAY, and FIMK.

Ronny Boesing, Founder of OpenLedger, says, “I will do everything I can to support the further development of QORA, and I know from Jason Crowe that remarkable things are in the pipeline. The recent updates and many successful test runs, plus the underlying codebase and technology have proven to me that QORA has a bright future ahead. It is great news that our community can trade QORA for BTC, ETH, BTS and FIAT USD and EUR as well as SmartCoins, bitUSD and bitCNY.”

Also, the OpenLedger DEX can establish markets related to the native assets DGD, MAID, NXC, MKR, LTC, USDT, STEEM, LISK, WAVES, INCNT, GRC, OMNI, DOGE, and GAME, to name but a few.
Furthermore, NuShares (NSR) and NuBits (US-NBT) currencies are now on the OpenLedger DEX , fully enabled in auto mode for both deposit and withdrawal, and the Horizon token is in consideration, as part of the currencies recently delisted from Poloniex. Also, ExclusiveCoin (EXCL), an enhanced version DASH, has joined the OpenLedger DEX.

Boesing specified, “The beauty of the OpenLedger DEX is that it practically has no limits and will scale easily to future needs.”

Jason Crowe, Head of development of QORA, says, “I truly believe that QORA is one of the most innovative platforms that exists in crypto right now, and for sure, it is the most innovative Java platform. The mere fact that it is Java based, will definitely provide a useful 'niche' for it in the future, amongst its other features.”

“The features that QORA has, are ones that can be made use of by every person who uses the internet, which for sure gives QORA more of a 'leg to stand on' than many other platforms. With a bit of effort, QORA will prove to be a 'hidden gem' of a crypto platform that will show the world what ELSE can be done with blockchain technology, including Decentralized Web Hosting, Decentralized Real-Time Communications, Decentralized Blogs, and more. These are among the plethora of applications that can be built upon the QORA chain in the future.”

The cryptocurrency QORA (1000 Original Qora equal 1 QORA OL asset) is listed as an IOU on OpenLedger with the asset name QORA, it is backed by OpenLedger ApS crypto gateway , with an official address of QU5TZ11Wpy5ntcWyuD2WXcBm1Xm2LJUyeG on OpenLedger. No fees will be taken for deposits.

QORA deposit intructions to OpenLedger:

  1. Send email to [email protected] with info: a) how much you wish to send, and b) to which account on OpenLedger. Receive a reply e-mail with OK to send.

  2. Send Qora to official OpenLedger address:

  3. Follow up with an email including the Txid from Poloniex (or sender ID if from own wallet) stating the amount of deposit once again and the account on OpenLedger where to send.


You may then use this QORA token against any assets on OpenLedger, including the major cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, USD, EUR and FIAT.

A withdrawal fee of 1% of will be applied for converting QORA IOU to QORA real currency, upon sending the amount requested for withdrawal to the account: qora-cold with your own address in the memo and an e-mail as notification.

Withdrawals and deposits are processed within 24 hours.

Crowe continued, “QORA simply lacked exposure, and thus didn't get as far as it could have. Having QORA listed on OpenLedger is a perfect fit, and will allow for things to be done in the timeframe they take, without a constant nagging fear of 'delistment' from the centralized exchanges. It will also put QORA in a more fitting home than a centralized exchange is, considering its major focus on decentralizing the web and communications therein. Thanks to the OpenLedger team for this, and here's to a bright future for QORA and all our partners!”

Description of the token on OpenLedger is as follows: https://openledger.io/asset/QORA or via: http://cryptofresh.com/a/QORA

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OpenLedger ATM Makes Global Debut At Russian Conference

The first ever OpenLedger cryptocurrency ATM was unveiled at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference on April 19th in Moscow, Russia. During the conference, several payments were made by OpenLedger enthusiasts as they purchased BitShares, OBITS and ICOO at the ATM. The ATMs will be installed in large shopping and trade centres in Moscow and in cities with over one million residents.

Internet of Coins - Reaching 300,000 HYBRID First Goal


The project has now reached its minimum threshold and this is great news for all our participants! It also means that we will not have to ask to refund everything after the crowdfund period, which is a big relief for the IOC team. It is the minimum we picked for the project to be developed by the core fulltime members in the upcoming 3 years. From this goal onwards, we have allocated more to external coders and development bounties, all with the aim to speed up research, development and delivery. You can see the allocation chart and timetable on our Terms page on the website.

Looking forward: HYBRID assets distribution

A lot of donators have used our donation form to back us and will be granted HYBRID assets. Regarding remaining unissued tokens, the team has decided to transparently 'burn' them like Counterparty did with Bitcoin at their launch, as they do not represent a staked value yet. This will ensure a realistic marketcap for the tokens at the onset of trading. At the launch, HYBRID assets will function as one of the transaction backbones of the Internet of Coins network. One of our first goals will be to make their blockchains available via the wallet.

Last Chance for Best Token Price

We encourage everyone that is considering to support the project to get on board early, to benefit from the reduced rates.


21st of March, 2017 - campaign opening - USD 1.00

28th of March, 2017 - checkpoint alpha - USD 1.25

16th of April, 2017 - checkpoint beta - USD 1.45

30th of April, 2017 - checkpoint charlie - USD 1.65

14th of May, 2017 - checkpoint delta - USD 1.85

28th of May, 2017 - checkpoint echo - USD 1.925

16th of June, 2017 - checkpoint foxtrot - USD 2.00

The Release of the Tokens

where the HYBRID tokens are 'visible'. For now, your registration information is your ticket for our Fundraiser. This means your PIN, the TXID of your donation, screenshots of transactions and confirmation, or the confirmation email. When we pass the minimum viable amount of 300,000 hybrids, development of the HYBRID architecture will start and the client development will begin.

When enough of the network infrastructure is ready, each donor will then be given an account that contains the amount of hybrids reserved according to the USD value of the donation at the time of participating. During development, the network will be connected to different coins and token systems, starting with those included in the fundraiser.

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OpenLedger are Presenting at:

Shanghai special meetup May 6, as well as the time within May 4 to May 10

Consensus, New York, May 22-24

...more to come in coming weeks!

Yours sincerely,

Ronny Boesing and OpenLedger Team

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