Narrative Launches at Noon Today

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Meet me at high noon on Narrative. This is the great big BETA launch, a chance to get in on the ground floor of something awesome. And if you're into speculative fiction, I'm the owner of the Speculative Fiction niche. Secure your spot now, earn some NRVE before the price goes up.

SpecFiction Card.png


How do i join the niche/follow you? I signed up a while back but haven't got it figured out yet!

Great questions. I'm not sure about the personal follows. The beta version is going to look different than the alpha version does, so how do you follow the people you want to follow? Not sure. My guess is, you go to their personal journal and there will be a follow button. Since personal journals haven't gone live yet, that's not possible. You'll have to wait until noon today.

To follow the Spec-fic niche, go here and click the Follow button. At noon today, the niche (as well as the entire site) will go live along with all pre-loaded content. I have three stories, at least two of which I know you've read (they're #farmpunk stories) that will post in this niche when beta launches. Hopefully, there will be other alpha testers who post in this niche. If not, you're welcome to add your own contributions.

BTW, they lifted the certification requirement for moderators, which mean anyone can be a moderator now. If you're interested, nominate yourself to be a moderator of the Speculative Fiction niche. If you win the election (there are currently two nominees and two slots available), you can earn extra NRVE.

So I just found you. After noon, I'll check your profile and see if I can follow you, friend you, wave, or something. :-)

Ahhh okay, I will check back then.

I did find the right one then, but even trying to follow it from the link, but i can't see the follow option, i can see the election, and appeal to tribunal or something like that? But not spotting the follow part still. I will have to see if I have something I could post for it, I suppose there will be a flood at the launch moment anyway.

I will see if i can get to grips with it first, you are probably better with mods who know what they are doing ;)

woo yeah! that is indeed me! Thank you!

Do you see something like this? Follow button in the middle of the red lines.
Speculative Fiction.JPG

I could swear it wasn't there before haha, got it, thank you!

A little extra info about today's launch.

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ya im wondering how many familiar faces I'll see over there

Me too!

I see you like to write horror. Follow the Speculative Fiction niche and throw us some woeful tales.

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