📢 Worker proposal: Comprehensive Bitshares UX/UI update by the ROSSUL and Graphene Lab team

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Bitshares users, many of you are probably wondering - why is such an advanced blockchain not receiving the attention it deserves? How can one of the high performing and efficient consensus algorithms such as DPoS evoke nothing but scepticism from the general public concerning the lack of liquidity of decentralized markets for almost half a decade functioning on Bitshares DEX?

Conducting comprehensive studies are not necessary to find an answer to this question. It is common knowledge that a complex and problematic registration process is the greatest deterrence that Bitshares blockchain users face, and if one does manage to overcome that obstacle, remaining an active user is just as challenging. The current experience offered by Bitshares blockchain is tedious, complicated, and difficult to navigate.

Proposal for the UX/UI improvement of Bitshares Exchange

Our teams (Rossul and Graphene Lab) have come together for the purpose of developing this proposal. Both teams within this partnership are highly experienced in our respective fields, which require a deep understanding of both blockchaining and cryptocurrency. Bitshares blockchain is a service we both use on a daily basis and are greatly familiarized with. This gives us the capability to precisely pinpoint the current pitfalls of the interface and identify what steps need to be taken in order address and correct them. It is our belief that combining our knowledge and skills will allow us to produce a high quality result that will transform the confusing and disheartening experience users have when interacting with this blockchain into one that is both accessible and effortless.

So what changes have to be implemented into Bitshares to make this goal a reality? The answer is simple - we have to make it easy to use, intuitive, and as user friendly as possible.

Over the years, Bitshares has been referred to as a service developed “by engineers, for engineers”. The problem is that regular users who are new to the cryptosphere are usually unfamiliar with the blockchain, and in order to attract and maintain their attention the product should be simple and easy to use. Finding specific features should be straightforward and allow for an outstanding user experience.

Designing a user-centered, intuitive, and usable product for consumer is what we specialize in. Our skill set gives us a unique advantage to focus on details and areas that may be overlooked by engineers, developers, and coders. What this blockchain needs is a excellent, professional, and advanced UX/UI design. We are committed to addressing this demand in the most efficient way possible and to the best of our abilities.

This link to access the full offer for the Bitshares stakeholders.

Allow Bitshares blockchain reach its full potential!

Should this offer be approved, Bitshares blockchain users will get a new and augmented interface by the end of 2018. This will allow them to not only to operate assets in a fast, easy, and comfortable way, but also take full advantage of the blockchain’s other capacities not yet known by the majority due to accessibility issues. Code improvements and fixes would be proposed simultaneously.

ROSSUL is ranked #1 UI/UX design agency in Canada. It has over 15 years of experience creating highly usable and intuitive enterprise level web and mobile apps.

Graphene Lab is a team of experienced blockchain developers specializing in Graphene-based chains.

With respect to Bitshares community,

Teams of Rossul.com & Graphene Lab

Supported by Blckchnd (RuDEX.org)

Telegram https://t.me/bts_rossul_ux

UPD: RECORDING: Hangout #81

Worker proposal explained: 31m21s

To support this proposal please vote for: 201808_Rossul&GrapheneLab_New_UIUX


Should highlight: This link to access the full offer for the Bitshares stakeholders.

Good, this is making mAke alot
Of peopke to gain there best future

Awesome stuff guys..i already like the small improvements made to the exchange...look forward to the future

Thanks! We are excited about the opportunity to make Bitshares user friendly.

Intresting nice
Sir i am new on Steemit can I get your single upvote I will upvote in return

Is it launched already or about to launch soon? How many exchanges it will hit in coming months?

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This is a development proposal. If voted for we plan to launch in Dec 2018

The link is down!

One please work in the permissions menu in order to avoid that more people lock the account. The system as it is is a ux horror! Thanks

dns issue fixed, waiting for dns update

Wow nice concepts and thank you sir for sharing your concepts or(knowledge) with us

Thank you. Our pleasure.

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