📢 Ethereum gateway on decentralized trading platform Bitshares RuDEX launched

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Aloha, traders! We’re guessing that by now you’re used to our launches of gateways for graphene chains. Its true our aim is to catch them all, and create sort of Graphene bazaar, where you can easily convert from one chain to another.

But this time we’re bringing you something new. We’ve launched an Ethereum (ETH) gateway, and are working on gateways for ERC-20 tokens

Trading ETH on RuDEX has several advantages over trading them on centralized exchanges. Here are the main ones:

  • Fast support
  • Telegram based trollbox
  • Ease of on/off-ramping into fiat (gateways for bitRUBLE with fees as low as 0%)
  • Only you control and can access your account and funds
  • The Bitshares based exchange can’t close be blocked (with desktop applications for all popular OSes allowing you to connect even if the site is blocked)

During the design of the gateway we were aiming to ensure the following parameters:

  • Security
  • Independency
  • Transparency and ease of audit
  • Strict correlation between amount of tokens in the wallet and on the DEX
  • Minimization of the fees
  • Ease of use
  • Stability


In the future our gateways would have a stand-alone section for auditing them on rudex.org. But for now you can use the following services:

Short guide on using the gateway

How to deposit ETHER(ETH) to RuDEX


How to withdraw RUDEX.ETH from RuDEX


Support our BLCKCHND witness on Bitshares blockchain, your votes support our work.

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This is great news! So much awesome stuff happening in the crypto world everyday... Decentralized exchanges are the way to go :)

Bitshares baby......Bitshares