BTC-Alpha is Listing Three BTS Pairs

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BTC-Alpha is Listing Three BTS Pairs

Blockchain Projects BV is very happy that BTC-Alpha will be listing the following pairs on the BTC-Alpha Exchange as from the 15th of April 2018:

This new possibility is a further enhancement of the rapid growth of BTS worldwide on an exchange that has shown great support for Graphene-based crypto-solutions. The listings are another step in BTC-Alpha’s fast-paced growth scenario. Its recent adjustments and innovations will allow for an increased service level.

About BTC-Alpha

BTC-Alpha is an international exchange. For more information about BTC-Alpha, please visit:

About Blockchain Projects

Blockchain Projects specializes in Blockchain services worldwide. Besides software development, technical business consultancy and legal services are a large part its activities. Targeted are highly scalable existing solutions. It’s staff manages a Graphene Development Team and also serves the BitShares Blockchain Foundation. More information can be found on:

About BitShares Blockchain

BitShares Blockchain provides a high-performance decentralized financial exchange for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. The BitShares network offers price stability through SmartCoins, whose value is tied to that of another asset, such as USD, and is fully backed by the BitShares-native BTS token.
For more information, visit

BlockchainProjects BV
Zutphenseweg 6
7418 AJ Deventer
The Netherlands

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This is great!! Thank you for the information and the work you do for bitshares, BlockchainProjects BV!!!!

It is great you have got resteemed by my idol @liondani Congo @blockchainbv