Lynxchain Launches, Surpasses 50,000 Accounts Created

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Update #3: Lynx surpassed 50,000 users in the first six days:


Update #2: The count for the Lynx launch period is over 15,000 new accounts:
Update: Lynx CEO Fred Kruger has announced that the chain has hit a new milestone of 13,000 accounts created:
--- On Monday January 6th, Los Angeles based Lynx, developers of the popular Lynx Wallet for EOS tokens, launched their own blockchain, Lynxchain. The new wallet is now live on IOS, Android and Desktop.

According to Lynx CEO Fred Kruger, the new chain has already surpassed 5,000 accounts created:


Kruger has been very vocal about the limitations of EOS and designed Lynxchain to address some of his issues:

Key features include:
  • Users can create 3 Free accounts with a phone number.
  • Every user has a short account name (as short as 4 characters: example “fred”), and a display name (example “fred krueger”). The account name cannot be changed, the display name can be changed at any time
  • Users can upload an avatar which is saved on-chain (and can be changed)
  • Users have a unique referral link that they can use to invite friends and family. For every person you invite, you get 1 LNX token (maximum total supply 21 Million)
  • Two games: “Alien Invasion” and “BombSweeper” have been moved to the “Explore” section of Desktop and Android wallets. You can play these games to win more LNX coins.
  • There is no RAM, CPU, NET, or Staking.
  • The Desktop App has been significantly improved with automatic updating, streamlined UX etc..
Blockchain Beach will continue to update this post with any new developments surrounding the launch and account creation figures this week.

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