Proximax: Improving on the Blockchain and Bringing Unprecedented Ease to DApp Development

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“Whoah it works!!”

 Max’s shout thundered through his apartment, his face shone in glee and pure ecstasy as the results of his just twelve weeks of work reflected back from his computer screen to his face. 

Three months ago, Max started out as a rooky developer with almost no experience but he had an extremely beautiful idea that no developer had ever hitherto thought about. Ordinary Max neither had the means to build the project of his dreams nor the infrastructure to leverage.  

The story was changed when he found out about Proximax

So, in the present, twelve weeks later, he sits in front of desk staring at Aerius; his dream project, all complete. Utilizing Proximax's API's and SDK's available in a variety of languages, he was able to achieve this feat.

 Aerius is borne out of Max’s zeal to contribute his quota to a failing word. It is a program that allows users from to upload videos of devastation caused to their communities by war and natural disasters such as to attract aid from benevolent individuals and corporations who are all part of Aerius’ ecosystem.

Problem Statement: Current Problems Associated with the Blockchain and DApp Development

The blockchain was invented on the heels of an internet that was failing woefully in serving its purpose. This is because the vast network of interconnected systems which make up the internet is as a result of its very nature, not very scalable, prone to fraud and not very secure. Hundreds of millions worth of information have been stolen from the centralized internet as we know. This is why the promise of the blockchain is one that did cause a glow of hope to shine on the digital community by offering a possibility of decentralized systems which will be highly secure, scalable and transparent. 

However, this glow of hope did not shine for too long. Though the blockchain offers so much promise, it has failed to live up to its theoretical promise which offers highly secure, scalable, transparent and cost effective solutions. Rather most blockchains in themselves are either slow, not scalable or not cost effective in their implementation in everyday life and business transactions.

The second problem lies in the development of decentralized applications which can run on the blockchain and provide the dividends and promises of the blockchain to the everyday human and business owner.  The development of DApps requires so much knowledge and technical know-how. The tools for the development of these apps too are not readily available which itself constitutes a hindrance to the implementation of blockchain solutions in everyday life. 

 Imagine if you were to collect the various tools you need to develop a machine over seven continents and you have to walk all the way. Would you ever be gingered to try your idea out? No! But imagine if you have all the tools you need in your garage!! 

Proximax not only solves the problems of today’s blockchains but also brings the tools needed for DApp development to the developer’s garage.  


If there is one thing that goes to the core and of the blockchain, it is the very development of blockchain applications or what is usually called decentralized applications. In fact, the survival of any architecture is directly a product of whether or not such architecture is still being produced as well as the ease with which it can be built or produced.  Developing softwares and applications require high technological know-how and prohibitively high costs.

 Proximax brings amazing simplicity to developing every application that can ever be thought about. It utilizes the blockchain as a value anchor in a radically fair and simple environment that will allow developers to build almost anything and make the applications of their dreams come alive.

The ProximaX Sirius platform is one that offers a full package proven technologies that is adorned with Application Programming Interfaces and Software Development Kits in multiple languages ready to be leveraged by developers for their own applications.

 The Blockchain is at the core of Proximax’s technologies which itself is a conglomeration of decentralized technologies. With proximax, there is a lot that can be built pertaining to Streaming services, Legal applications, KYC processes etc.


The Sirius Chain is Proximax’s blockchain. It is very essential and stands at the core of all processes in the Proximax ecosystem. It is responsible for recording all actions and transactions in the Proximax ecosystem. It is used to perform transactions trustlessly and store data securely. 

The Sirius chain provides the infrastructure upon which smart contracts that will run the entire proximax ecosystem are built. It is also responsible for allowing data to be structured according to specific use cases which in the case of Proximax, are legion. 

The utility, performance and security of the Proximax network is enhanced and provided for by ‘service units’. The service unit in this case is the network’s Utility token which is used to incentivize as well as reward engagement thus creating a token economy framework. 

Due to the very nature of the Proximax ecosystem which is such that many other services and side chains are loaded on the network, the Sirius Chain is built on a fork of NEM’s Catapult. Node validation is done through the Proof of stake consensus model which uses as a parameter for validation, the age and wealth of nodes. 

The Proof of Greed algorithm which is an added consensus model contributes to making Proximax a fair economy by ensuring that responsibilities and incentives are evenly distributed. This is made possible because as a result of the Proof-of-Greed’s functionality, no node can become too greedy in terms of how large the transaction fees and block generation times. 

The Sirius Chain is the foundational infrastructure upon which the core services that are fundamental to the running of the Proximax are built. These as well as their potential applications would be explained subsequently.


Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Sandro Botticello, these were all great painters whose works in no small way, have altered the course of history and indeed of mankind. However, imagine if Michelangelo couldn’t get the Walls of the Sistine Chapel as his Canvas or if Dan Vinci couldn’t get the perfect canvas for the Mona Lisa. Their ideas could have been lost in the currents of their brains, never expressed. 

Proximax recognizes the importance of a canvas, a springboard for limitless creation, a foundation for making dreams come to reality. It has therefore integrated core services which will make building services and web projects easier hence such require great technical know-how and a thorough knowledge about how the distributed nature of blockchain works. 

These Core Services include: 

A while back in history, weapons ruled the world. Today, information does. In a world where information is the new gold and where the need to safely and securely store information has become paramount, Proximax offers Storage as a core function of its ecosystem hence most applications require storage. The Sirius Storage Core service processes and stores all kinds of data ranging from binary data to text and videos. 

There is an added advantage to the Sirius storage because it is decentralized rather than centralized thus allowing for scaling and low pricing.  With the Sirius Storage, data can be stored safely and securely. Proximax’s native token XPX is used to pay for storage services based on the market value of the storage. 

Potential Application of the Sirius Storage

Albert Gonzalez and his team were once able to hack into the Heartland Payment Systems which is the 6th largest credit card payment processor in the USA having hundreds of millions worth of user data. Not cool. 

A storage application can be developed on the Sirius Chain through the Sirius storage core service to safely and securely store such sensitive data and take it away from the reach of prowling hackers. Information is power, an application developed on the Sirius Chain can offer great security through its decentralized nature and at the same time offer the scalability of centralized solutions. 

The Sirius streaming platform is a two way affair and is intricately related to Sirius Storage. It utilizes a Peer Stream Protocol (PSP) which ensures high security,high performance, real time messaging and streaming service which will allow for end-to-end encrypted messaging and video streaming.

 Data is either pre-stored on the Sirius Storage then streamed to viewers or it is recorded live, transmitted and then distributed to viewers.  Live Streaming nodes replicate and disseminate data in real time while the storage streaming nodes stream data that they have agreed to stream using the Sirius Storage as an entry point. 

Potential Application of the Sirius Streaming

 Foremost among the purpose of technology and new inventions is easing man’s life and making him live a happier and more content life. One of the most modern threat to life and survival is war, hunger and famine. A video live streaming and streaming site can be created to document the horrors children and adults go through in war ravaged places as well as the discomforts of those affected by famine. The main aim of such an invention will be to make these people heard and so to attract funding and aid from individuals and governments who care. In many local communities in Africa, many people’s sufferings go untold and unknown, with such an application, one can easily record videos and upload them or do a livestream to bring the world to know.

The Sirius Database core service is built to cater for the needs of developers that would require a database as part of their applications. The Sirius database is just an external service but it is also imbued with the characteristics of a blockchain through the use Tendermint as its consensus algorithm. Such blockchain characteristics that the Sirius Database has include immutability, scalability (low latency and high throughput), decentralization and digitized contracts. The attendant result of the Sirius Database’s decentralized nature is that it can either stand on its own as a full application or it can integrated with the other Proximax core services.

With the Sirius Database, Developers can build secure applications which have very powerful indexing and quering functionality where their data will enjoy ultra fast loading times and integrity.

Potential Application of the Sirius Database

The world is now practically run on databases. From employee information in companies to banking databases, there is as much information that is stored in these databases. The Proximax Database offers a more secure and scalable alternative to existing solutions. Hence it also uses a document based database as its underlying database store, applications written on top can as well take advantage of those libraries that are already pre existing. 

The Sirius content review is an additional core service that allows content creators to facilitate a review which is a based on consensus among the different stakeholders on the entire network. The Sirius content review allows for censorship of content. 

Potential Aplication of the Sirius Content Review

 One of the biggest media wars is the war against fake information or fake news as it is called. The fake news problem is a thing that does more harm than actual good. The Sirius Content Review as a Proximax core service will allow for the building of applications that set certain criteria to review and subsequently remove content that do not meet up with certain predetermined criteria. Such an application will allow for the censorship of content across an entire network thus saving the world from fake information or that which does not meet up with a certain predetermined criteria. 

Imagine being stuck with a mistake that glaringly stares at you but you are indeed helpless even though such a mistake is costing you a lot.  This is what is obtainable in traditional blockchain contracts. Because the code is immutable, contract codes cannot be easily modified even though the existence of bugs is discovered. Another problem also exists in the fact that storing code on the blockchain usually makes it bloatsand subsequently slows it down. Proximax’s supercontracts solve these issues by storing contracts code in the Sirius Storage rather than directly on the blockchain. This allows for the easy modification, stoppage, alteration and executed after the go ahead is given. Supercontracts allow for the building of code that can run on specific business use cases using digitized contracts. 

Potential Application of the Sirius SuperContract

There are so many business applications and use cases of the blockchain that require frequent updates and alteration of the contract codes like in blockchain gaming where updates will have to be made to the code in order to add more functionality and ensure smoother game play. Storing codes in the Sirius Storage rather than on the blockchain itself would therefore make for the development of applications with ease and also make for easy modification. 

 The Sirius chain goals represent a holistic collection of advantages that can not be found anywhere else but on the Proximax Ecosystem. Proximax held dear certain non negotiable characteristics which confer on the Sirius Chain so many advantages over and above pre-existing networks. These advantages represent the benefits of using Proximax above other networks. 

They include: 

  • Enhanced security by preventing the zero-fee attack and Large scale attack through the Proof-of-Greed consensus Algorithm. 
  • Proximax’s unmatchable ability to process thousands of transactions per seconds quickly, securely and efficiently.  
  • The ability to scale to large populations and even globally. 
  • Enabling Cryptocurrencies to have even more value by developing use cases for them that transcend only being ordinary means of payment. 
  •  The ability to run on virtually all devices imaginable including IoT. 
  •  Encouraging good behavior among stakeholders by incentivizing good behavior like securing the network.
  • The provision of a great architecture that allows for the building of new core services by participants for the ecosystem. 

The Sirius Core Functions: A look through the Benefits of Having the Resources Required for Development in One Place.

The Sirius Chain has in built features which provide for developers the tools needed for the development of almost any project in one place. This move is in fact a dream come true for most developers who neither have the means nor the technical knowhow to develop the applications of their dreams. 

Apart from the core functions that would be subsequently discussed, some of the benefits of having all the tools required to develop any project in one place include: 

a) Greater ease in developing projects.

b) Development becomes less cost prohibitive

c) The potential to make the blockchain go mainstream through the development of more DApps

Apart from these, the core functions of the Sirius Chain also represent the tools which developers can leverage to develop their application. These and their benefits will be discussed below.

1. Account: Your Doorway into the Ecosystem

An account as a Function in the Sirius Chain is a key pair which consists of the private and public key. The Account represents a working space which a user alone can modify with his private key or public key. However it has to be secret hence anyone who possesses it can take control of the account.  

2.Namespaces: A Unique Place for you and your Assets

 A namespace is somewhat similar to an internet domain name. It is an on-chain unique and special place for a developer and all his assets. Once you create a namespace, it is marked as special and unique in the Sirius Chain ecosystem. 

3. Mosaics:A Unique Measure of Value for your Project

Most decentralized applications require tokens, votes, currencies or almost anything that will be a measure of value. Mosaics  are part of what make decentralized applications unique and flexible. The Sirius Chain therefore supplies developers with pre-defined contracts on the blockchain protocol which a developer can tweak into anything that they wish to have value in their own DApp. These may be currencies, tokens, votes, reward points and even shares. In addition, these mosaics can customized to possess unique properties by a developer such as divisibility, supply and transferability. 

These mosaics are essential to control and regulation in the DApp ecosystem. Mosaics are therefore a veritable tool for the development of DApps. Thanks to Proximax it cannot only be found in one place with other tools but can also be easily created.

4. Metadata: Flexibility for your Stored Data

In the initial instance, data stored on the Sirius chain is mostly immutable which makes it difficult to associate new data to the already exisiting. The Metadata function allows for the flexibility of stored data by creating data attachments to the predefined data on the Sirius chain thus creating flexible way of storing data. The Metadata function therefore makes for adding, deleting and modifying data. 

5. Multi-Level Signature: Your Comprehensive approval process is Covered. 

Most applications require a comprehensive approval process to fully operate. For instance, in the case of a DApp which serves as an escrow for financial transactions, in a specific transaction, the parties have to separately confirm the sending and receipt of the funds. This requires a comprehensive approval process.  The Multi-Level signature creates multi-level agreements on the Sirius Chain. This therefore makes it more useful for systems that require a workflow or comprehensive approval process and it is one more tool which contributes to the usefulness of the Sirius Chain to every developer.

6. Cross-Chain Transactions: Easy and Secure Data Sharing for Your Project between Different Chains

A very important characteristic of any DApp is the ability to exchange value or information between two different chains. This process is referred to as an ‘atomic swap’ and represents a process whereby the value that is to be exchanged is locked up in the sending chain till the receiving chain confirms receipt. This ability to swap value between chains is of ultimate importance as it allows for exchange between chains and the subsequent use in various applications. 

For instance, if CrowdX, a DApp on the Proximax ecosystem needs to use XPX from the Sirius Chain’s Mainnet, it can through a cross chain transaction known as the atomic swap send XPX tokens from the mainnet chain to power its own private chain and vice versa.

 7. Aggregate Transactions:  The aggregate transaction function allows for multiple transactions to be merged into one single batch of instructions. The aggregate transaction function therefore allows for advanced logic and trustless atomic swaps. Thus when all the accounts involved in the batch transaction have co-signed it, it is then executed simultaneously.  


A tokenomy is central to any decentralized network in that it incentivizes and rewards. A tokenomy is also central to a reputational system which is directly related to the work done in the network. The whitepaper defines the basic principles incorporated into Proximax’s tokenomy as; 

● Self-organization and synergy of rational behavior of system elements. 
● Adaptability to adverse tactics and internal attacks. 
● Fuel the use of the core services in the infrastructure 
● Extendible infrastructure to facilitate plug-ins for inclusion of additional core services 

Proximax’s token ecosystem consists of both the internal and external.  The internal is made up of the Proximax’s Native Token (XPX) which is used to transact and pay for services on the blockchain; the Service units which are units of measure and the Custom tokens or mosaics which power the internal economies of DApps. The external on the other hand consists of any third party method of payment that is integrated by a user into the Proximax ecosystem. 

The Native Token (XPX):

 This is the Proximax Ecosystem’s native token which is denoted by the symbol XPX. The services that are rendered by Proximax are tied to the blockchain protocol which will need XPX tokens to be accessed. Users will therefore use the XPX as a means of payment. 

Service Units: 

These are the units that a users get whenever they subscribe to the Proximas Sirius public network. It has some sort of resemblance to the Ethereum’s GAS token which is used to execute smart contracts on the Euthereum blockchain. Service units are therefore used to pay for services, to incentivize nodes for running services and to represent the capacity of a node to run a service. 

Custom Tokens (Mosaics):

 These are the predefined contracts built on the Sirius Chain that allows users to create tokens and other measures of value for their projects. These possess characteristics like supply, transferability and divisibility. For instance, Mr. Buani may create a token called PAX for his DApp built on the Proximax ecosystem through the Mosaics. 

Automated Inner Exchange:

 The Automated Inner Exchange is a layer that facilitates exchange between the service units and the XPX which is Proximax’s Native token. The Automated Inner Exchange allows users to conveniently leverage the platform’s core services by simplifying the complexities normally involved in exchanging token internally.  

Proximax is an enterprise that opens itself up to many use cases and applications. Imagine a platform upon which and through which almost anything can be built ranging from apps related to reporting systems, health and data recording to video streaming and registries. A possible use case  will be outlined below.  

Space Xplore

 It is 2099 and the search for other inhabitable planets has reached a frenzied height. Mars already has about a thousand Scientist inhabitants who are eager to learn more about their new planet.  Space XPlore is a Proximax based DApp that has been developed to serve the needs of these inhabitant. With the Space Xplore, they can share videos of their exploits as well as livestream them to others back on Earth and even among themselves. Observations gathered can also be recorded securely Space Xplore and will remain accessible to generations yet unborn. Futhermore, because of Proximax’s scalable nature, as more and more scientists join the Mars expedition Space, Xplore continues to scale to accommodate them.    


Innovation is always what drives the hand of history, defining new possibilities and setting new records. Proximax has brought that kind of innovation to the blockchain and indeed to DApp development making blockchains faster, more scalable and transparent while also bringing great ease to the development of DApps. This project should be a huge success.


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