CryptoFinance 2018 & EOS Global BP Summit Update

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We are really excited about this year’s lineup of fascinating speakers. Featuring many of the biggest crypto Youtubers out there, founders of multi-million dollar companies and crypto activists CryptoFinance is the place to be to build connections in this industry, especially for business professionals looking to expand their network.

CryptoFinance Live (Saturday Nov 17th)

CF2017 Manu.jpg
Manuel Lains speaking at CryptoFinance 2017

Why should blockchain and business professionals attend?

  • Meet YouTube influencers with a combined reach of over 500,000 crypto enthusiasts
  • International guests representing a variety of Blockchain businesses
  • Build competitive advantage
  • Boost credibility at a technological, organizational and individual level
  • Improve visibility in an increasingly saturated market

Discover the latest developments within the blockchain industry from leading professionals who aim to develop the future of Blockchain within Finance, Artificial Intelligence, Space Technology and Virtual Reality.


Vít Jedlička enjoying VR at CryptoFinance 2017

Vít Jedlička - President of Liberland
Julian Hosp - Co-Founder of TenX
Robert Viglione - Co-Founder of Horizon
Colin Cantrell - Founder and Chief Architect of Nexus Earth
Robert "CryptoBobby" Paone - Advisor at AirSwap and YouTube personality
Chris Coney - Bitcoin Consultant and Educator
Richard Heart - Blockchain/Cryptocurrency thought leader, Advisor, Entrepreneur
Torbjørn Bull Jenssen - CEO and Founder of Arcane Crypto
Ivan "On Tech"Liljeqvist - Blockchain educator, Software Developer and Data Scientist
Manuel Lains - CEO and Co-Founder of BitSpace
Christian Lains - Chief Strategist and Co-Founder of BitSpace
Max Wang - CPO and Founder Liechtenstein Exchange
Nathan James - Founder of Scatter
Everipedia - Online encyclopedia reinvented for the modern age
Sven Edgren - Head of Digital Transformation DNVGL
Bojan Cekrlic - CargoX
Stefan Nilsson Unisot &NBBF
Nader Aeniehchi - Norwegian Tax Administration
Diego “rehrar” Salazar - Monero Co-leader, Contributor
EOS at CryptoFinance Live including an EOS Speaker Session & EOS Panel

EOS Global BP Summit (Friday Nov 16th)

bitspace pic7.jpeg

The EOS Global BP summit has for now attracted more than 30 block producers from Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, US and Canada. We are excited to see BPs across the globe joining the BP Summit to discuss, exchange the latest ideas, and debate the future development of the EOS ecosystem.

bp summit v2.jpg

Schedule CryptoFinance 2018



We are a little under two months away from Norway’s biggest crypto event of the year. Are you in the Nordics? Then don’t miss the chance to experience a memorable weekend hanging out with our extraordinary blockchain and crypto lineup on Nov 16th and 17th! Get your tickets now for a price of only 800 NOK! (90 USD!)


Are you attending SteemFest in Kraków the prior weekend? Then Oslo is the perfect place to go next, with multiple highly affordable flight connections! We are offering a special discount to everyone with a SteemFest ticket. All you have to do is reach out to our promotions manager Kenneth at [email protected] and provide a screenshot of your SteemFest ticket. In return you will receive a 20 % discount code for CryptoFinance shortly after.

Media Partners:

Toshi Times
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Community Organizers

The Kasbah Hub
Norges Bitcoin og Blockchain Forening



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Eastern Channels

Wechat ID: BitSpaceChina


i wish i could come in this event.Is there any possibility of live broadcasting of the event? If yes, it would be very great. :)

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