BitSpace Partners with Nexus

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Blockchain and Space Technology

BitSpace is proud to announce partnership with Nexus Earth. By utilizing the international BitSpace network of companies and communities, together with advanced blockchain technology from Nexus, we can create access and opportunities for people in every part of the world.

The partnership helps new global business models integrate with Space Technology built around blockchain and facilitates growth on an intercontinental level for developers, entrepreneurs and communities.

In addition, Nexus Earth and BitSpace intend to create future technology research ventures between American and Norwegian Universities to pursue a like-minded mission of exploring space and discovering the future of decentralized technology.

We believe that Space Technology combined with Blockchain represents an exciting opportunity to decentralize the future and we are very excited to discover this realm with Nexus Earth.

- Manuel Lains, CEO BitSpace

I'm happy to see BitSpace looking ahead to find solutions in space that can solve problems here on earth. We look forward to working together to open up more opportunity in Europe and Low Earth Orbit.

- Colin Cantrell, Founder and Chief Architect of Nexus

The teams at BitSpace and Nexus Earth look forward to sharing upcoming announcements.





Great article and interesting project, keep up the good content!

Great article and
Interesting project, keep
Up the good content!

                 - georgeforeham

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