BitSpace Partners with Green Mountain

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Green Mountain is one of the most environmentally friendly data centers in the world. The data facility utilizes Norwegian hydropower energy that is 100% renewable and allows Green Mountain to have zero CO2 emissions.

Green Mining

Through the partnership with Green Mountain, Bitspace aims to encourage the launch of Blockchain projects from Norway with low ecological footprints and encourage the process of Green Mining.

Nuclear & EPM Secure Server Facility

Green Mountain is located in a former NATO ammunition storage facility that offers world class Tier III resilience, the highest level of security. This protects our data against issues such as electromagnetic pulses, natural disasters and human-generated disasters. Furthermore the facility operates biometric Identification systems and intelligent video analysis.

Low Latency to Europe

Green Mountain provides high-speed and low-latency connections to major markets all over north-western Europe such as London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Scandinavia. Green Mountain provides BitSpace with 100% uptime.

BitSpace are preparing the next generation of blockchain projects with Green Mountain and we look forward to developing a sustainable future for emerging technologies.

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