DIGEST 08.10.2018

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Start of the Unity Towers building, return to India and new Bitrent partners!
After series of successful negotiations and meetings in the largest cities of India, as well as with the start of a new construction in Odessa, Ukraine, and success in finding key partners, the Bitrent team is ready to share with you their achievements over the past week, and introduce progress directions.

Start of the Unity Towers building

We are pleased to inform you that on September 21, in the city of Odessa, the first piles were drilled, which marked the beginning of an ambitious production project for Unity Towers. At the moment, concreting of the test piles is carried out to check their bearing capacity and confirm the accepted loads on the working piles. After 30 days it will be possible to conduct laboratory tests, after which we will proceed to the implementation of the main pile field of the object.
This project is one of the first buildings for which funds were raised, including the “Bitrent” platform.

Meetings at the beginning of October

Since the beginning of October, members of the Bitrent team held a series of meetings with representatives of leading companies in India and Singapore in the field of IT. This visit contributed to strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation, as well as finding new potential partners in the eastern direction of the IT and blockchain technology market. A visit to the city of Delhi is the starting point of a series of visits to popularize Bitrent. The next destinations will be such cities as Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.
Our team on the very first day went to a meeting with Opinder Preet Singh, the founder of ZTips, a unique platform for reporting violations and illegal activities. The meeting was held with the participation of Anshul Dhir, the founder of QADCORE, which is one of the pioneers of investing in cryptocurrency, and a leading expert in the eastern region in the field of mining cryptocurrency. At the meeting, our representatives held a number of presentations, including those aimed at familiarizing with the concepts of Bitrent hubs.
According to the busy schedule of the visit, a number of meetings and presentations of Bitrent projects have also been held at the moment, with such representatives as Aninda Mondal — Vice President of Global Media Network, the leader of the media space of India, and Siddharth Singh — co-founder of Market Mongers, the main information platform in the blockchain technology field, with a representative office in Singapore. During the visit, a presentation meeting was also held with Rajiv Vaishnav, Managing Partner at Cornerstone Venture Partners.
Cornerstone Venture Partners is a B2B technology-focused venture capital firm with headquarters in New York and offices in California and Israel.

New Bitrent Partners

As a part of the expansion of the cooperation program with our partners, representatives of the Bitrent company signed an agreement of intent on cooperation with the EIY SYS RevInfotech company. EIY SYS RevInfotech is a leader in the provision of IT solutions and blockchain technology, with vast experience in the market for over ten years. Bitrent also enlisted the support of Ashish Anand, co-founder of BAC, a specialist in the field of investment gathering with vast experience, for more than 17 years. At the same time, he signed a cooperation agreement with Arijit Bhattacharyya, a leader of opinions, one of the best specialists in the development of start-up projects, and also a co-founder of many successful companies.