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Hello everyone,

our event with Evan Schwartz from Ripple about Interledger next week on Wednesday, May 17th will take place at Deloitte, Rosenheimer Platz 4. Deloitte themselves will probably also contribute to the agenda with their current projects in the Blockchain space.


In June, we will take a deeper look at ICOs, with CoinDash.io and others.


Again we have not settled for a location yet for this event, and we're open for suggestions. The agenda is not yet finalized, so you're very welcome if you're knowledgeable about the subject to give an enlightening talk or do an educational presentation about this topic. We're also open to the idea of a panel discussion around the ICO phenomenon. Just contact us via the meetup platform.

Thanks for your attention, and see you around,

the ::bitcoinmuc:: orga

Interledger: The Protocol for Connecting Ledgers

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rosenheimer Platz 4, 81669 München

We're happy to have Evan Schwartz on this date, co-inventor of the Interledger Protocol (ILP) initiative out of Silicon Valley-based startup Ripple who've been running the first public-but-permissioned less-Blockchain-but-actually-rather-Distributed-Ledger-Technology already since 2012 before it was all the rage of today.

There are basically two opposing views in the crypto-currency and blockchain space: The $coin maximalism position states that network effects will lead to the most secure blockchain becoming the base layer providing the required eventual consensus for asset transfers in the coming internet of value. Another view is that there will be many blockchains and ledgers that will have to cooperate and integrate with each other. Interledger certainly prepares for the latter by proposing a standard for this scenario.

This is in light that many long-established crypto-currency blockchains also already prepare tools and extensions for inter-connectivity, so can the Interledger standard proliferate?

Evan, currently also Managing Director of the Ripple Luxembourg R&D office, will shed some light and explain how Interledger uses an open architecture to enable payments and micropayments across different types of blockchains and other ledgers. The presentation will include live micropayments and a public demo of a prototype in-person payment experience built using Interledger.

Many thanks to Deloitte for the hospitality, and Ripple for beer and pizza!

(Our meetup group is organized by independent enthusiasts and not affiliated with any locations or sponsors of this or past events.)


19:00 Doors open, socializing, food and drinks

19:30 General Welcome + Introduction of the Deloitte Blockchain Institute

20:00 Interledger high-level overview

20:30 First Q&A Session

21:00 Interledger technical details

21:30 Second Q&A Session

22:00 End of official part

Target audience: Blockchain and DLT enthusiasts with a technical curiosity, and followers of developments in FinTech in general. Possibly also crypto-investors wanting to investigate the fundamentals of XRP's recent all-time high.

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