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Yes, we did say ICO. :) This time we'll be examining the current craze, which is seen as quite controversial even by some of the most libertarian-minded figures in the space. To perhaps achieve some balanced perspective we're excited to have a more diverse program with several guests on this evening.

A Deeper Look at ICOs

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
7:00 PM

Wayra Deutschland ("Agora" area)
Kaufingerstrasse 15, München
S-Bahn/U-Bahn Marienplatz, exit West/Kaufingerstrasse (ideally directly from the S-Bahn track's platform). Entry at left-hand/East side of the building Kaufingerstr 15. Ring at "Wayra Deutschland"


We'll presumably open with Dr. Andranik Tumasjan from the TUM School of Management and a general overview of the startup scene and the monetization models hitherto in the crypto-/blockchain space. His presentation will also serve as a good introduction for our newcomers.


From there we'll retrospect the rise of the ICO phenomenon as a funding model. As fine examples and case studies, we'll have folks from coindash.io who are building an "operating system for crypto assets", as well as fluonecosystem.org, a "P2P Asset Management Ecosystem" that aims to "enable frictionless asset management, investment and asset tokenization". Both will do an ICO soon. They'll be introducing themselves and demo their products.



Cristina Carrascosa from the latter will also tell us about her experiences with following legal compliance.


Last but not least, we'll have Joshua Scigala, CEO of vaultoro.com, with some critical observations about the current ICO craze.


And this probably won't be all.

Also be prepared for an interesting discussion round!

We'll be back at Wayra for this event. Thanks again for hosting us! What does an accelerator say about this new type of funding model? Maybe we'll find out!

Target Audience: Newcomers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups looking for ways to get involved in the space, as well as enthusiasts following general developments and eager to discuss them.

To prepare yourselves, we'd recommend the following articles reflecting the controversy:







More details tba.

Some Retrospects and Next Events

Hello crypto enthusiasts,

we are definitely feeling the growing interest (some would say "bubble"), breaking new records at our "Stammtisch". We were between 40-50 people in each of the last 3 months. We've collected some impressions here:


Our next event, which will be about ICOs, will take place on Tuesday (not the originally scheduled Wednesday), the 20th of June, at Wayra.


Also, we already have a rough agenda for our events in July and August.

We'll be very excited to have Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd, as well as a delegation of the BHB Network aka Blockchain Lab from Milan, together introducing opentimestamps.org in July:


We'll almost certainly also be able to discuss some certain pressuring issues on that date. ;) We are still looking for a location and sponsoring for this event. Please contact us through the meetup platform!

In August Manfred Karrer from bisq, formerly Bitsquare, will introduce and deeply walk us through his fabulous anonymous decentralized crypto-coin exchange.


Thank you for your attention and see you around!

the ::bitcoinmuc:: orga

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