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DEPO is the first multi-platform network enabling all credit institutions worldwide to accept crypto as collateral for loans.

Depository Network is a B2B project combining traditional finance and blockchain technology.

By building and spreading DEPO network globally, our aim is to reach a tipping point for mass adoption of using crypto assets in traditional lending. Spreading depository platforms among lenders will increase DEPO tokens demand.

DEPO tokens will be used from lenders to pay one off setup fee and annual fee for using white label depository platform and borrowers to pay fee for storing collateral.

CEO depository network (DEPO) token

Svetoslav is an eminent legal professional with more than 15 years of experience, the latter of which as Managing Partner of one of the top Bulgarian law firms, Penkov, Markov & Partners. During his career, he led different NGOs in the IT and TMT area and was a member of the Supervisory Board of one of the biggest and oldest telecoms in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Telecommunication Company. But most importantly, he has always been looking for an opportunity to innovate traditional legal institutions, such as collateral, and implement them in the digital world. Depository Network is a dream come true for him.

Jos Uitdehaag

International Monetary Fund
Advisor Legal Reform

World Bank Group
Team Leader and Key Expert

European Commission
Legal and Institutional Building

Dimitar ivanov, PhD (law)

Dimitar Ivanov is expert with registered pledges and executive process. Author of over 60 articles and comments in the field of contractual law, commercial law and civil process.
Author of the monograph “Registered pledge in bulgarian law”.
Co-author in collections “Execute proceedings under the Civil Procedure Code and the Law on registered pledges”, 2016-2017; Challenge: The Implementation Process, 2016; Challenge: The Limitation, 2017 and Challenge: The Insolvency, 2018

it was just some of the expert team of depository network that shows that behind this project there are "expert team" that will bring success in this project.

DEPO tokens will be used from lenders to pay annual fee for setup and using white label depository platform and borrowers to pay fee for storing collateral. Spreading depository platforms among lenders and borrowers will increase DEPO tokens demand.

Concept Definition

2018 Q1-Q2
Team Formation, Preparations

2018 June
First Prototype DEPO

2018 Q3/Q4
Private and Public Pre-sale, ICO

2018 Q3
Alpha Release DEPO

2018 Q4
Beta Release DEPO

2019 Q1
Official Launch of DEPO

2019 Q4
Users: 10 P2P lending platforms and 50 non-bank lending institutions

Users: 50 P2P lending platfirms, 100 banks and 500 non-bank lending platforms

Users: 800 banks and 1500 non-bank lending institutions

The tokens will be used to pay for small fees or, in the case of lenders, to pay for the annual membership on the platform. 1584 billion DEPO tokens will be sold during the ICO, while 1152 billion will be on reserve.

The price of each DEPO token will rise from 0.00001 ETH to 0.00006 ETH during the sale.
The price will change when a quantity of tokens will b sold.
Soft cap is 4,500 ETH, the “mid-cap” is 18,000 ETH and the hard cap is 38,000 ETH.
The pre-sale starts on June 22 and the main sale on July 15.
You can use ETH to buy DEPO tokens.

This looks like an interesting platform that will really value the DEPO tokens, so it can be a good idea to buy them while their price is still low. If you are interested in using the platform, we would suggest that you should buy the DEPO tokens soon as it would be more profitable for you.

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