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Hello dear Steemians, today i want to show you my entry for @originalworks Writing Contest sponsored by XAYA

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Currently in the world of technology there are multiple platforms dedicated in different areas that are linked to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, in such a way that there are even platforms that are related to the world of video games and in which game lovers can benefit from the infinite advantages that are acquired in the blockchain. In that sense, there is a gaming platform that allows its players to fully manage their characters and the virtual assets obtained in the games in real time, at no cost and in a decentralized manner. All this sounds very interesting and tempting, right? And more if you are a video game lover! Well, this gaming platform is called XAYA and was born as the evolution of the Huntercoin experiment in 2013, which was the platform that created the blockchain games for the first time.

To continue, XAYA is a decentralized platform of the blockchain that allows online games without restrictions and without costs in real time and infinitely scalable, as well as offering the opportunity for developers to carry out their own virtual world in a decentralized way without needing of servers, thus managing increasingly complex and attractive game worlds, to ensure and simplify the ownership, exchange and trading of virtual assets.

On the other hand XAYA also provides game developers, various tools and a very innovative infrastructure so they can build their own games which are based on the blockchain. It should be noted that, XAYA also avoids cheating players because it has a technology that allows players to scale infinitely through the games of this platform. Another benefit of XAYA is that this platform gives the players a true ownership of assets in lines, which can be changed in real value with the use of cryptocurrencies through simple and secure exchanges. With this it is clear that XAYA is not only a platform of games with assets, since it also offers videogame lovers a completely autonomous gaming platform and in this way players can fully trust XAYA since they can not lose their assets because of third parties.

1 True Blockchain Gaming

In XAYA the real blockchain games become a world of games that are governed in Decentralized Autonomous Universes, which work without servers, being resistant to censorship and at the same time becoming unstoppable.

2 Asset Management

Thanks to XAYA, the games have enough assets that give the players a true ownership of the objects, obtaining in this way a greater loyalty for the games that are made in XAYA. Also, the management of the assets in XAYA are easy to use with any programming language.

3 Payment Gateway

In XAYA fraud does not exist because you do not need to trust a third person, since payment processing is faster and easier, due to the high fees.

Other Important Features of XAYA

The 2 main releases of XAYA are the following:

Treat Fighters

Treat Fighters is a game that is set in the world of Canedoom, where players have the power to create their own Treat Fighter and in turn they compete with other fighters in a battle.

Soccer Manager

Soccer Manager Crypto is a popular game of soccer team management, which can be played with multiplayer, decentralized and fair. This game is focused on the blockchain, providing players with an economy of real transactions and also allows players to compete against other managers, becoming the champion of the league.

XAYA will have its own cryptocurrency called CHI, which will be the official currency for the entire XAYA platform and will serve for all transactions in the blockchain, such as the creation of accounts, currency transactions, account acquisition, game transactions and other utilities.

XAYA offers several advantages for both Game Developers and Gamers:

For Developers:

XAYA offers multiple advantages to developers, including the power to create decentralized autonomous game universes, where the games will be active with a duration of 24/7. On the other hand, the costs and configuration times associated with servers and cloud-based services are eliminated.

For Gamers:

XAYA offers its players several advantages, which include the fact that they receive payments and creation of assets through the CHI currency, which can be exchanged for any element with real life value. On the other hand there will never be fraud on this platform since it is an immutable blockchain.

Below you can watch a video that explains more about everything XAYA does:

I hope you have liked to know about XAYA and be encouraged to use this excellent Gaming Platform. On the other hand I hope that my writing is liked by @originalworks

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