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Humans have always gambled. It is an inherent part of our society. People young and old have enjoyed it since the beginning of time. There’s something about the calculated risk and the possible reward that makes gambling so difficult to resist, and so addictive.

During the early days when the internet was not yet available and gambling laws were strict, gamblers frequented places like Macau and Las Vegas for that ultimate gambling experience. But technological advancement has replaced actual gambling with online gambling.


According to Statista, the global online gambling market is anticipated to be valued at more than 94 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. The current size of the market is almost 46 billion U.S. dollars, meaning the size is forecasted to double in the upcoming years:

This is understandable since online gambling is much more convenient than actual gambling. Gone are the days of traveling far to visit an actual casino to play. Now, you can stay in the comfort of your home, go online and gamble. And with easy access to fast internet, more people can gamble than ever before.

“The house always wins” is a common sentiment in gambling. Most gamblers know that the house or casino operator has an “edge” to help them win, yet they still play and gamble. They know that the house has higher odds of winning, they just don’t know how much higher.

This is what Blockchain wants to change. Blockchain’s transparency and decentralized network can improve a wide variety of issues in the gambling industry. Smart contracts on a blockchain will give gamblers an insight into exactly how much of an advantage the house has.

Although online gaming is much more accessible and convenient because you can play from home in your pajamas, nothing beats the social interaction you get from the actual casino.

BetTron-live-is-launching-soon (2).png

This is why we’re introducing BetTronLive, a live dealer casino based on the TRON network blockchain.
This project combines two of the most innovative technologies: blockchain and live dealer gaming!

BetTronLive aims to take user experience to the next level. Users on the platform will have the unique opportunity to play a wide selection of games, including live dealer games, and enjoy a more realistic, immersive and smooth iGaming experience.

By integrating a native cryptocurrency — the RAKE token — into the working model, BetTronLive will give both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and players the chance to mine digital assets as they use the platform.


The BetTron project was created with the community in mind, hence the following ways for the community to earn is set:

  1. RAKE tokens can be mined just by playing games on the BetTronLive platform.
  2. Users can earn tokens by watching a short advertisement video before their game starts creating a consistent revenue channel and more earning opportunities for the community.
  3. Platform profits will be fairly and transparently distributed among all token holders.
  4. To further drive engagement and user incentification, dividends will be distributed in TRX (TRON) coins, which are traded on all major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.
  5. BetTronLive is taking the blockchain into real world online casinos and revolutionizing the way players, developers and casino operators interact.
    1. BetTronLive is coming your way! Get ready for a new way to earn and play!

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      I have been in the crypto space long enough to spot quality projects especially in the gaming industry where there are literally hundreds of projects already existing emanating from different blockchains. This is project is one of them. Seemingly taking all the best features in blockchain-powered gaming platform and going the extra step of introducing new features that will set it above among the rest. Awesome incentive program also. Based from what I have seen so far it is no surprise if this project shoots up the Gaming platform rankings.

      We have more to offer to all the active community members. Thanks you for your support.

      I am not much of a gambler to be honest since we all know too well that the house always wins. However through innovations like distributed ledger technology or in common parlance called blockchain technology, users are empowered to partake in the earnings of the site effectively making them part of the house with the capacity to audit if what the site claims is true or not. I am excited to discover that this new project will be able to offer in the future and what features it will release to differentiate itself to the vast majority of gaming platforms. One thing for sure, choosing Tron blockchain is a smart move due to its inherent advantages over other blockhains as well as the high energy of the whole Tron community more-so from its founder Justin Sun.

      Great project. BettronLive platform has a lot to offer where users are empowered to partake in the earnings . Looking forward for the success of this project.

      BettronLive platform has a lot to offer. I really like the mining part of Rake and receiving incentives and dividends

      Transparency is the operative word here. By giving the users the opportunity to scrutinize transactions the will be able to determine by themselves if the claims of the site is true or not. This is ultimately the advantage of blockchian-powered gaming sites as they will get the TRUST of most gaming people.

      I haven't tried casino due to unavailability of it in our place in the province but with this project, I will surely give it a try since I found this very interesting!

      This is really great project to look for and might give us passive income. God Bless BettronLive

      Hello there I am new to cryptocurrency in general. A friend directly me to this page hoping to entice me to learn more about cryptocurrency by introducing me to gaming sites. This one looks promising will definitely keep an eye of this one.

      BetTron will be the key through mass adoption.

      This platform seems appealing. Much awaiting project with such amazing incentives & rewards.

      this is indeed going to be awesome , users will be loving it for sure , that fact that they can earn and learn more about crypto all at the same time , without worrying their private info and transaction will be smooth

      Upon reading the website, i found it so interesting though iam not familiar with
      online gambling i wanna give it a try.

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      Living our lives is also a gamble. We always gamble on a lot of things as well. Here in this platform, we still get back something from what we have already staked. Cool isn't it?