Blockchain Heroes- The Next Revolution

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Blockchain heroes is an unbelievably excellent idea that is quickly coming to fruition in a way far more extraordinary than anyone could have expected! This brilliant project started by Joel Comm and Travis Wright of The Bad Crypto Podcast are creating NFTs (non-fungible tokens). For those of you that don't know The Bad Crypto Podcast, it is probably the most significant blockchain/crypto podcast in existence, definitely one of the top five.

Now, for NFTs, look at an NFT as a digital form of a physical product. In this case, we are talking about collectible cards (like baseball cards). However, unlike baseball cards, these are incredibly cool! Not to knock baseball cards, but hey, let's face it, we are in the 21st century, and tech is the hippest thing on the street.

These NFTs are collectible cards that belong to you and only you. That is what makes them so fresh and so unique, not only can you collect 50 of the most influential people in blockchain (hence blockchain heroes), and you can obtain variations of each card! As a former Magic The Gathering and Pokemon card player, I understand the value of collecting cards and different varieties of them.

Blockchain Heroes is bringing the coolest most exciting sets of collectible cards I have ever seen, and the best part is, they are forever on the blockchain and belong to me until I decide to sell it! The bottom line, these cards are only going to become rarer and rarer as people buy these cards and begin to collect sets.

I, for one, am stoked to get my digital hands on a pack of these cards! Not only am I going to be able to collect 50 of the most influential people in the blockchain industries, but I can also pick my favorite card styles for sets. These cards will come with me everywhere, and the best part is, I can sell them on secondary markets as the craze continues to grow!

Blockchain Heroes sets a precedent with regards to a new craze in the world, blockchain. Blockchain is arguably a game-changing technology for industries around the world. The gamification of these 50 individuals, whether you love them or hate them, is a brilliant idea. Who doesn't like collectibles? I have ticket stubs from my favorite concerts, autographs from people, and more unusual things like bonsai trees and garden gnomes! But back to the collectibles, one of my favorite things about them is that we are left to guess who these heroes are. Their real-life identities are never going to be revealed, which I think is beyond impressive! That being said, some of the characters are extremely easy to guess who they are based on, and others are quite challenging to figure out!

Hats of to the Blockchain Heroes team for helping to spread NFT mass adoption! It is one more proof of utility for blockchain, and a fun one at that! Again, blockchain is far more than bitcoin; these heroes are helping expand the message to educate people in understanding the power of harnessing it!

Check out two of my favorite heroes, and I am proud to say I believe I know these who these two heroes are!



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