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Ad-blockers have grown of age in today's world with many internet users downloading it on there PC and surprisingly on there smartphones. I agree, a lot of websites tend to overdo them. They’ll have popup adverts, auto-playing videos and three or four advertisements that are located above the fold. In some cases, you’ll need to scroll down just to see the content that you’re looking for. Ad-blockers can be annoying with the way advertisers try to put it in your face or rather held you for ransom forcing you to click on it before you view a certain page. But, advertising is very necessary and needed, loads of information's are transmitted daily on the internet, very knowledgeable and useful adverts that can change a life or improve businesses. How can a business owner makes profit if he cant try to reach-out or advertise its goods or services? A very Vital question indeed that needs to be scrutinize by internet users. But the rate of Ad-blocking as risen significantly and posing a lot of problems to the digital advertising world hence; advertise tends to loose money daily with failed advertisement because its not reaching the users because users are using Ad-blocking software to cut it off.

A tremendous issue i say in the digital advertising world and needed great attention before it escalate. Introducing VIdy platform built on the blockchain is what is needed to increase demand of user and advertising as a whole.


About VIDY

Vidy has built the world's first invisible embed layer that rests silently atop any website in the world, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Vidy’s ad placement mechanism is a proprietary open-source NLP protocol that automatically places video ads on a massive scale into the hyper-relevant text of millions of publisher pages. With just a hold users can reveal tiny hyper-relevant videos embedded in the text of any page on the web unlocking a whole new dimension of the internet. It will be run by miners, who will gain Vidycoin as a reward for successful placement.

VIDY Ecosystem


It comprises of

  • Publisher / Advertiser Dashboard
  • Video Ads
  • Application Layer
  • Indexed Websites
  • NLP Protocol
  • Consensus Layer
  • Data Layer

To Earn VidyCoin: This project is very unique in there strategies, its very spot on and fascinating . It pulls attention and makes you want to find out more , Imagine, to even earn Vidycoin its simply by holding down a Vidylink to watch a Vidy ad and how long you have held it down; awesome!

Watch your VidyCoin balance grow in realtime as you hold down.

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VIDY Founding Team and Advisors

The Vidy team is very unique and one of a kind, It comprises of topnotch professionals in their domains. They have ambitious goals  which will enable them to set new standards for the Market. To achieve this goal a strong Team is built with all the necessary skills, talents and long-time experience needed for the project.
The Vidy team has been together for years, bonded by mutual admiration, friendship, and ambition to build a platform that can truly change human lives for the better. The team comprises of engineers, industry-leading advisors and world-class brand partners. Vidy is on it's way to reinventing online advertisement, e-commerce, and entertainment.
Most of the team members on Vidy have verified LinkedIn profiles. This is all good because the more transparency a company have in regard to their team, the more trustworthy they typically are.

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Token & ICO Details

  • Token VIDY
  • Price 1 VIDT = 0.00002229 ETH
  • MVP/Prototype Available
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, Fiat
  • Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
  • Soft cap 15000 ETH
  • Hard cap 60000 ETH
  • Country Singapore
  • Whitelist/KYC Whitelist

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Advertisers get paid to be creative, to fit a niche, to stand out from the crowd. The bigger and louder approach is not king, neither is using video for each and every advertisement. Smaller banners and a creative use of space could be more productive practices as well, Vidy is shaping all these by creating the first decentralized, truly distributed video ad-platform for fair and consensual advertisement consumption. Advertisements that are relevant to the content that you are consuming can now live within the very page that you are on and the power is in your hands to decide when you want to hold down to see the video that fortifies that text statement or skipping it and continue reading.
This company is a good investment and I like so much there creativity and innovation, be a part of this wonderful project and par take in there ICO.

NOTE: This article is just a guide to potential clients, stakeholders and everybody itching for a snip of this wonderful project and its published regarding bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project. The whitepaper will provide an in-depth and thorough analysis of this wonderful project. You can click on the link below and find out more about this wonderful project.

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