Understanding the Need for Security and Privacy

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As individuals, we all want to have our data securely stored, right? Regardless we are thinking about our video recordings, private documents and pictures, medical or bank records, email and chats - we seriously rely on our right to privacy. In fact, we know that security of data and the right to intimacy are laid at the foundation of the modern society we live in. However, over the last few years, there have been more and more debates over the right to privacy and the way mammoth companies or governments often disregard these issues.

The corporate world also has this need, just set at a different scale - think for example about the massive amounts of information that it needs to store and use securely. This requires high security and confidentiality.


Current issues of the data storage and communication systems

Unfortunately, all online platforms that are designed to offer data storage solutions are based on centralised servers - what does this mean? The data you upload on these cloud services are not 100% secure, even though you may use the premium subscriptions! What are the risks? That your accounts are hacked, and your data is compromised.

Discover P2P Solutions Foundation - the world’s first blockchain powered digital communications platform, built to offer secure data storage and guarantee the interference-free exchange of information.

Two US-based companies, Electronic Learning INC (ELI) and Innovative Solutions International INC (ISI) have worked together to develop P2P Solutions Foundations. This organisation aims to function as an independent body and build a worldwide network of digital services that include alternative peer to peers mechanisms - all these models are designed to operate on the blockchain and work with the most recent and performant crypto technologies.

Why should one choose P2P Solutions?

• It is safe - mainly because it is a peer to peer decentralised communication platform that utilises blockchain technologies.
• It has a revolutionary mechanism - it divides the files you choose to store into small parts; each of these components is distributed across several node terminals, as backups. This just means there is no possibility for the P2P Solutions data to be hacked.
• Always online - this platform guarantees it will continuously operate and be online, due to its decentralised system.
• It uses smart contracts to keep a transparent record of all transactions and operations
• It offers custom-tailored solutions to companies and individuals
• It is a neutral system
• It aims at becoming a global platform
• It is probably one of the most secure data solution available on the market

To find out more about how you can be part of this project and understand the ICO it has already launched (along with its P2PS utility token), head over to the official website at https://www.p2psf.org/. The blockchain integration is set to start late August of 2018; by the end of this year, licenses will be replaced with tokens; at the end of March 2019, all users will be transitioned to the blockchain.


Distributed storage technologies will be a necessary competent in the future of the new internet, and I'm glad these projects are getting the attention they need to succeed.

Good project. Blockchain products are growing very fast. This project is innovative and will be successful.

Why use P2PS if there's already siacoin?

P2PS is not just another cloud storage platform. Any cloud storage and data center, no matter where in the world it is located, even if it is located in the space, has third party interference and someone other than me accessing my private information. P2PS is unique and unlike any other system where the digital information is totally secure and free of any third party interference. No one else other than the owner of the private information/sender and receiver has access to the sensitive digital information.

Sounds great