The industries where Blockchain-based tokenized platform will disrupt

in blockchain •  last year

The key issue here is where we can see the real use-cases based on blockchain technology.
First of all, I strongly believe that the blockchain will change a digital content marketplace with the tokenized economy system. There is obvious motivation for a content creator if someone gets a reward at the right value on a digital creation. Many creators have difficulty in making monetization in the current marketplace and there are so many middlemen between creators and a digital platform. The decentralized token economy will encourage creators to upload their own contents on the market which will make a new digital content marketplace much more activated.

Another idea where we can find out a benefit of blockchain is any industry that gathering all the DB from all the users will create a new value-added service. For example, we can imagine each owner of a pet will upload some health data of a pet and get a reward. Once we have a big data on pet's health data, we are likely to provide users with not only a reward but something new valuable insights.

Also, online security is another one we can expect with benefits of the decentralized system.
As more community participation and improve a infrastructure of blockchain, the future will be much brigther.


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