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RE: The History of Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS)

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I like to keep things precise, if you are going to dump on me everything said and done by every new and past witness on steem this is not going to work. Every witness shares an "equal" responsibility to do the same thing (I don't fucking care about a game review or what you think about life). My replay is tied to the witness above and the definition of transaction refusal. I don't remember discussing which food they like to eat. Got that?

Now that being a witness and farming the reward pool is not enough, let take a few seeps from that tasty SPS.

You replied to someone by making vague accusations that they are keeping people in the dark and implying that they have a responsibility to educate others, and then you tried to claim that the concept of transaction refusal has never been discussed before, and when someone referred quite correctly to transaction refusal as consensus mechanism(s) you lost your shit, accusing them of not being precise. The ridiculous part is that so far you still consider yourself correct AND precise, but you're neither, dragging the conversation from the completely valid cringe worthy reaction to vacuous idiotic nonsense of "keeping people in slavery".

Not sure why you are also dumping this on me, I didn't say the contrary or discuss such a point. There are unlimited resources about blockchain development and medicine online, that fact doesn't make you a B developer and neurosurgeon instantly. Yea, because not everyone has the time nor the will to dig, that's why people delegate their trust to other people, so they can do the right thing and explain the void to them FOR A PRICE.

He never said that the presence of resources somewhere makes one an expert in that field, instantly, or otherwise. He contended you ridiculous idiotic nonsense that people are kept in the dark regarding how the blockchain functions. He didn't say anything about what it takes to be a developer, so while you're dumping this on him as you act as if what he said had absolutely nothing of relevance to what you said please explain exactly how are people kept in the dark if the information is freely accessible to anyone? O yeah. You didn't "discuss" such a point. Dumbfuck.

There's no point to expose anything more especially seeing that it's simply a matter of vehemently disregarding, twisting and bullshiting about what was said and why.

Keep holding their toes to the flame, or whatever you think you're doing.


It's amazing to see how much patience and goodwill can be found in the Steem community, giving attention and time to people that would not particularly deserve it.

Here's an upvote :) #SteemOn

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