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The market for digital contents like music and photography presently is centralized, controlled by few individuals who though not creators but because they own the marketplace for the distribution of digital contents determine how these contents are distributed and who gets what percentage of the returns.

Photographers and musicians for example, more often than not sign deals that are equivalent to discarding their rights, receive a partly sum for their work by way of royalties which in most cases is not commensurate with the input they may have made to produce such works. This route is usually though not on their best financial interest is taken because the distributor's platform gives them the opportunity to reach a wider audience which is not wrong in itself but compare to the sharing of takings a second thought can be given to this contractual arrangements.

The Solution: A great opportunity beckons for photographers and other digital content creators to really benefit from their works. The goal of the Wemark is to build a decentralized blockchain backed protocol in which content creators determine to a large extent what happens to their products. Here the photographer and other digital media creators are directly involved in the licencing and distribution of their contents. They determine whom to sell and whom not to sell to.They relate directly with customers that are interested in what they have created thereby doing away with middlemen. In this new environment Wemark tokens(WMK) will be the currency of transaction.

Wemark is creating a peer-peer network for the distribution of digital contents. Here all participants are fairly rewarded for their part in helping drive the system. Because Wemark protocol is powered by the ethereum blockchain any smart contracts entered between the content Creator and the customer is automatic and immutable under a pre agreed conditions thereby eliminating the obstructive and wasteful middlemen .

In an environment where transparency trust equity and reward for hard work are almost guaranteed due to the openness offered by the blockchain there is greater likelihood that the creativity of the various players will be unleashed on the system for the benefit of all the participants. ~

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