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The essence of Blockchain was for decentralization and security. This has been achieved by the introduction of numerous decentralized cryptocurrency tokens. By decentralization, we are looking at a scenario where no one person holds control over a certain entity. In cryptocurrency decentralization, this simply means that there is no central authority where control of power is held. For instance, Bitcoin has a total supply of 21m tokens, no single individual holds the authority to determine who holds a given amount of Bitcoin or what a Bitcoin holder can do with their tokens. Furthermore, no single individual can determine the number of tokens to be mined on the Bitcoin blockchain. In the same way, we have a decentralized aspect of cryptocurrency projects, we also have centralized projects. In centralized projects just as the name implies, power resides in the center which could comprise of few individuals who have autonomy and controls what happens in the project.

Blockchain technology powers various projects due to its great futures. Among such projects are wallets for storing cryptocurrencies. As there exist centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency projects, there also exist centralized and decentralized wallets. The difference between these two lies in the ability of users to control their funds or be managed by a third party which is always the wallet providers. Decentralized wallets give control to users while centralized gives control to wallet providers. Decentralized wallets are TrustWallet, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask and so on where users have their private keys while centralized wallets are: Luno, Coinbase and so on. Despite the nature of the wallets, each has its own advantage and disadvantage. But let us not forget that the sole aim of blockchain is decentralization.

Another example of a decentralized wallet is LeadWallet. This is a cryptocurrency wallet under development to serve the following purposes: sending, receiving, storing, staking, swap, Lead-ex, Multi-sender, and c-marketplace. Being decentralized, this wallet gives users control over their funds while performing numerous activities with the wallet. With the wallet you can send your tokens to others, you can as well receive tokens, you can decide to store your tokens here in case you are not able to afford a hardware wallet, you can utilize this wallet for safe storage of your assets. Using this wallet, you can shop from various stores using cryptocurrency.

This is a revolutionary step towards adoption which is being able to use cryptocurrency in real life. You can also pay utility bills, you can exchange your cryptocurrency to fiat through the Lead-Ex function of the app, this app also enables you to stake PoS tokens without setting up any master node. Using this wallet ensures the safety and cost of acquiring other facilities to enhance your cryptocurrency life such as master nodes for PoS.

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