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download (2).pngHow is everyone doing, hope you all are having a wonderful week. Has it has been my usual to bring to you the best project in the crypto/blockchain space as they worth your investment and tryout. Today am bringing you a new crypto project which is about to change the way we all trade for good. As we all know that the blockchain technology has been around for a while and after it adoption it has seen lots of growth and achievements. The Blockchain technology have now been a technology every industry/business want to integrate into their tasks. The Blockchain has so far been doing great as it is a worldwide trending technology today. The Blockchain has also lead to the creation of the cryptocurrency which is it native currency, the first Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was built to enable easy, secured and fast transactions without intermediaries, which was a massive success and lots of cryptocurrency has since then been created using blockchain and today we have thousands of cryptocurrency which have their different uses and advantages. But one thing they all have in common to be exchange for other cryptocurrency or fiat.

Crypto exchange is a platform where buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies are been done. Crypto exchange has been in existence ever since the creation of cryptocurrency as it is a very important part of the space to sustain the values and also allows new investors/traders to get into cryptocurrency. Exchange is very important in the crypto space has it give users free and easy access around the space. It also enables the crytocurrencies to have and maintain their values and most expecially for profit. Lots of people in the crypto space are traders. They buy and sell cryptocurrencies from the available exchanges.

Currently there are thousands of cryptocurrency exchange which have similar to different features and are all serving the same purpose. Things like faster transactions, fees and services might differs but all still in the space to enable anyone exchange their Cryptocurrency to other cryptocurrency or fiat. New cryptocurrency exchange keep getting in every day which they all promises to fix some features the current doesn't have for easy and comfortable trade but still users/trader end up not using them.

Trading is a very profitable business in the crypto space as it has proven itself to be. But over the last few years lots of traders has lots their funds due to manipulation and also new traders who doesn't know much about cryptocurrency end up losing everything they have because to become a very good trader one has to have learn where to buy and where to sell which is actually very expensive to learn this days and are not even sure if they will actually work for you because there are different methods to use.

This problem keeps getting higher every day and traders losing funds , which is why TYCOON has come to save traders from disaster to their funds and also make trading more relaxing and profitable for both professionals and new traders.
TYCOON is a crypto based project which is the first fully automatic social crypto trading platform with real cryptocurrency. This is the first time the crypto space is witnessing this type of development and it is a really interesting one for the space as it will develop and change the way trading is for good. In order to make this work TYCOON has developed it own platform which is which serve as a secured interface between professional traders and end users. This means that crypto users can easily earn at their comfort zone without even learning cryptocurrency trading as the TYCOON platform enables users to automatically copy professional traders trades. This professionals are whales in the space and knows everything about trading.

Has the most consider features in cryptocurrency space, security, TYCOON platform has been built with maximum security which overseas every activities in the platform. Users private information are fully secured and also 2FA can be enabled by users to maintain their full security. As this is a trading space and funds are the main activity been utilized in the platform, TYCOON has made user funds fully secured also and available to them everytime, the platform does not store users funds.
The technology integrated into this platform works in a unique way which makes users to monitor and copy professional through a secured API connection. Users manages their investments through their preferred exchange and are able to access portfolio on the TYCOON platform at anytime.

This is how to get started

First to become a user you need to register/sign on the tycoon platform which is where everything will be carried out. Then you need to link your trading platform through the TYCOON API feature. Then you need to follow professional traders, where will be lots of options, ratings and search engine to enable you follow the best. After following the professional the TYCOON platform will enable you to select the range and funds you want to use for trades which when selected the platform goes to work and copy the trade of the professional trader to use your funds for the same automatically. Users can set stop loss on their account in order to manage their profits.
The platform is built with friendly user interface and UX which enables users to easily use the platform with maximum confidence. The platform layout is very easy to understand as it is designed to be very smooth and simple. Tycoon platform has been designed to works across multiple platforms such as phone, iPad, and laptops. This enables users to easily monitor their portfolio and profits anywhere they are.

Tycoon has also designed and built it own token called TYC. TYC will mainly be used on the tycoon platform as fee reduction and incentives. Which means that users who hold TYC in their portfolio pay less fees in TYC than others. The token will also be listed on other top cryptocurrency exchanges to enable easy purchase and flow of the token.

Name: Tycoon
Blockchain: ERC-20
Max. supply: 140 million
ICO Price: 0.10 $



For more information about TYCOON, visit the links below;

Website: https://tycoon.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.tycoon.io/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Tycoon_Official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tycoon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tycoonio-1082428378632504/

Github: https://github.com/tycoon

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