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images (33).jpegGood day guys, it been awhile here I hope you'll are doing great. Enjoy your weekend. As it has always been my usual to bring you the best cryptocurrency project to tryout and to invest in as there are many fake projects out there that just want your money. Today I'm bringing you the a very important project which might be the future of the internet.
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We all know that the internet is filled with lots of stuff ranges from different types of funs to business and everything human ever needs. The internet is a massive place which has become a major part of everyone's life. This means that we all can't do without it. The internet has also spread wide over the years because of it abilities and usefulness.
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In order to access the internet few things must be in place which are devices, data and most essential internet browsers. Browser are a major part to use the internet it helps one to explore all rounds without limitations. Over the years there has been massive developments for browsers ranging from slow speed, data savers, options, security and lot more has improved. One can't access the internet without a browser which make it a Paramount important in this space. Today's project takes the best of the features of today's browsers and improved them to give maximum performance to it users.

We can't skip the blockchain at this stage as it is the major part of the project. The Blockchain has also imp greatly Over the years and maximize it output in such a way that every sector can use and take the benefit of it implementation. This has made companies and industries to have high demand and interest in the blockchain because it makes everything very easy and profitable for them. As most know that the blockchain is all about decentralization, giving everyone equal ability and opportunities unlike centralization which give some people high importance over others.

The project am talking about today is NETBOX, it is a browser which make use the blockchain to provide much more benefits to it users. NETBOX is the first decentralized web browser which is free, fast and safe to use. The browser is built with users at mind which is why the security level of this NETBOX browser is very high as every servers is decentralized and no users data is leaked or reviewed to someone else apart from the user himself. This improvement will give users maximum protection over their data and every of their history. NETBOX browser is the best I've ever seen, the most important part of it is the reward users receive. The reward is paid in NETBOX coin and this is paid directly into the user's wallet. This reward paid is based on the usage and time spent on the browser. This mean the more you use the browser the more you earn. So sweet right.
I know you might be wondering by now that how can you get started, NETBOX browser is an application for both PCs and smartphones which can be installed from their official website. The PC app is the only one available right now, the mobile app is still in a beta phase and will some be placed on app stores for both Android and iOS devices for free download. NETBOX browser is the very first decentralized browser the world has ever seen and with this the comm have massive influence to make the app better and features they want and will be made available in the app.

Talking about features the NETBOX browser has been built and designed to provide the best to it users. The browser is built using friendly user interface and UX which makes it easier for the app to run smoothly and the users to easily understand the features. The app is also built with blockchain on the NETBOX network wallet, this enables the browser to be able to store, send and receive cryptocurrency. The wallet can store send and receive Netbox.Coins. The NETBOX blockchain works similarly to the current other blockchains network but very fast and secured. The network uses proof of stakes (PoS) to verify transactions and has lots of nodes which makes it faster to process. NETBOX blockchain is also very transparent and simple to use which is the one of the most importance of the blockchain. This give every of it users relax and easy to trace their transactions.

As I've said in the beginning that you will get rewarded for time spent on the NETBOX browser but this isn't all the ways you can earn. You can also earn through the referral system by referring friends to join in using the browser when the join you get paid and them also. So everyone is a winner in NETBOX.


There are lot more about NETBOX but this is all I've got today, stay tuned as I will be explaining some major part of NETBOX next week, I'm sure you will find that super interesting and won't want to miss that. And don't forget to install NETBOX browser on your PC today to get started. Earn as you browse

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