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Hello everyone, how are you all doing, I hope you all are having a great week. Here again as you all know I bring to you the latest and best cryptocurrency project to invest in. Today am bringing you yet another amazing and astonished project which will save the world and transform it into a better place.

Today the world has seen a very dramatic changes in it ecosystem and everything is due to the global warming and climate changes. Climate change has lead to the Amazon been melted causing high level of waters in the seas and resulting into flooding, it has also caused lots of places on earth to experience tornado and hurricanes leading to damage of properties and loss of life's. Trees which are also giving us oxygen are dyeing every single day due to this problem. Climate change has also lead to the extreme sun shine on the earth causing series of heat in many areas.

Climate change is caused by the pollution of the earth as all of this are not friendly to the environment. Most of this is cause by gas and oil companies, wood burning, generators and gasoline cars. All of this constitute to the pollution of our environment and cause climate change. And if all of this continues to be there will no longer be a home for humanity because earth won't be a place to live in and also every thing on it will die in few years if this keeps going on. There has been lots of organizations which has come up to fix this problem but has been very slow to solving this. Green house gasses as been said to be the future and this will save the earth if many areas of the world utilize this. There are also cars been made which doesn't use gas but electricity such as Tesla but all this is growing at a very slow speed as only few countries are eligible to use this.

Having seen this problem and know that if something quick is not done earth will soon be in an awful condition, this is why Fred ENERGY has come to save the world. Fred ENERGY utilize the blockchain technology which is the fastest growing technology today as it constitute lots of advantages and potentials. The Blockchain technology have been a great invention as it has received lots of achievements and recognition to take it this far. The Blockchain potential is so high that it can work be adopted any in any sector.

FRED ENERGY, as the name must have indicated, the project is focused on green energy. As we all know that we all can't do without energy which is electricity because we uses it every day. FRED ENERGY is focused on providing the world with green energy through it home and commercial EV chargers, solar panel systems, electric and solar tuk-tuks, consumer wind turbines and other devices.

FRED ENERGY is a blockchain based project which is here to accelerate the growth of green energy in the blockchain industry to the world as to solve this massive earth problem and make it a better place to live. FRED ENERGY will be focused on electric vehicle which we all know electric cars are steadily making their ways into the market and very promising at this point as the high demand for electric vehicles have increased tremendously. But most problem with electric cars is that the charging station are very few and can't be used on long distance, which is why FRED ENERGY is looking into creating electric vehicles station market which will be built in areas to allow electric users go long distance as they can charge when on journey. This will also introduce electric vehicles into areas where there is not as people will know that they can easily charge their vehicles. This alone will be a world changing as electric vehicles will dominate the world when this happens and pollution which is mostly cost by cars and vehicles will reduce.

To make all this work, FRED ENERGY has created it energy marketplace which is the place for all it energy alternatives where users can buy and pay for green energy products. The marketplace will feature Fredenergy partners products which include home and commercial EV chargers, solar panel systems, electric and solar tuk-tuks, consumer wind turbines and other related gadgets. The marketplace has the payment option in cryptocurrencies which includes FRED ENERGY tokens alongside with local or traditional payment method. The platform is built with friendly user interface and UX which enables users to easily use the marketplace and makes it understandable. The marketplace is fully protected and secured as it is built with high security standards.
FRED ENERGY has also built it own app which is a wallet to hold stellar and FRED ENERGY tokens . The app is built to users satisfaction and aim to get it to large costumers as it is available for Android, iOS and Microsoft users which can be download in the respective app stores.

FRED ENERGY tokens are built on the stellar blockchain, the token will be used as a payment method on the marketplace as users can use it to pay for devices purchased through there and also have discounts using Fred energy tokens compared to other cryptocurrencies and traditional methods. The first IEO sale has been done and completed on finexbox. Other rounds will be announced soon.


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