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z7orl0mk9ta31.pngThe world today has become a place where every thing has change due to the global warming. Global warming have been a trending word today and till now little has just been done to solve this. The ice in the cold regions keeps turning into water every day due to the extreme heat that has affected this area. The water then move into ocean increasing the volume and flow of water, then causes flooding, destroying homes, properties and even taking lifes. Animals who leaves in the water are also affected by this as they die due to inconducive environment.

Global warming and climate changes has massively affected by deforestation, as humans cut down trees for their own need and this tree helps the environment to provide oxygen and regulate temperature. Recently the trees in Amazon forest has been seen burning for days due to humans and these part of provides about 28% of earth's oxygen. This will not only reduce the oxygen we are getting but also increase the temperature of this areas.

Another major constituent to global warming is pollution, pollution has been ever since human existence and have been increased tremendously over the past few years, today we see the ocean been polluted, seeing plastics and crude oil in the ocean and sea causing the oceans be dustbin and animals in it to die. The land pollution is another main problem with gasoline cars cause the emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere which are not suitable to be breath in.

The world has seen this and lots of different organizations has been formed to reduce all of this problems but this is very slow in progress, and if this pollution and problems continues the earth will no longer be a place to live in, as the atmosphere will be full of harmful gasses and the trees that will provide oxygen would be all dead. Which is why BYZBIT has come to save earth from it greatest disaster.
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With the help of the blockchain BYZBIT has been able to make this work. The Blockchain technology over the years has been a master piece technology as it can make itself work In any sector and also aid to the advantages of that sector it been implemented. Industries and companies today are seriously considering the blockchain technology and every one of them wants to implement into their business for maximum output. The Blockchain technology today has been name the fastest growing technology, all Thanks to it advantages and potentials.

BYZBIT is a tokeniced paper mill factory built on the blockchain which is focus on transforming agriculture waste into paper. Has I've said before that many of our waste end up in the ocean and seas which pollute the water and kill the animals in it. BYZBIT has been designed to work and fix this part of earth disaster. Byzbit has designed it system which will collect waste material from farms and agro places the transform them into papers. As we all know that paper is a very important thing to us and we can't do without it. The paper we use today are gotten from trees which are also a cause of global warming and later one an extent to life.
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Byzbit plans to reduce environmental hazard and flow of harmful gases in the atmosphere. In order to make this work Byzbit has built it own paper mill factory, this was built in innovation to achieve the goals of Byzbit. The paper mill factory is where all the collected agricultural waste products such as rice straw, teff straw, bagasse and so on goes to and been transformed into papers of different sizes. This factory is filled with machines which are designed to process this wastes into papers. The factory will also uses renewable energy to power it machine so as to promote a green environment and set examples to others.

Byzbit is built on the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain, the company has also built their token called BYZBIT on this blockchain. The token will be used in Byzbit economy to pay for goods and services. The token is backed by fiat and agri-paper mill business. The token will also be available on crypto exchanges for trading.

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It is good see a project in the blockchain come out and provide something amazing like this to save the world. Byzbit is yet another amazing project which I believe which go a long way to promote green environment and make the environment better to live in. The project is built and own by competent team which are experienced in this sector. As a result we will see a very large area of places Byzbit cover in a very few time.

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