Africa Blockchain Week: Building a New African Economy

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Africa Blockchain Week will be held from 28 June to 1 July 2021 in Morocco. The event was carried out by a partnership between venture company and blockchain ecosystem NexChange Group and African conglomerate Marita Group. The ultimate goal is to build a new, inclusive economy on the great continent.

The conference features industry players developing regulation, implementation, investment and education in the countries of the African continent.

NexChange Group chairman Juwan Lee said Africa was a big step for blockchain.

He saw opportunities not only in the areas of payments and financial inclusion, but also the involvement of various institutions.

The new economic bridge ensures Africa can leapfrog and excel in the global race.

It really depends on the latest technology, including blockchain.

African Economic Revolution

Marita Group Commissioner Rahhal Boulgoute explained blockchain will revolutionize Africa and open up opportunities for financial inclusion.

Blockchain technology is very important to be developed in African countries, he added.

“The impact of blockchain on the African continent is very visible. Over the last few years, digital banking and mobile payments are used daily by millions of users. It improves the financial lives of Africans, ensures inclusion and helps the unbanked, "said Boulgoute.

Africa Blockchain Week is also in order for blockchain-related regulations to emerge and become a major global player in the latest technology.

The virtual conference is expected to become a foundation for dialogue and network building between all stakeholders for the sake of realizing blockchain in Africa.


NexChange Group is a venture and media platform company that specializes in blockchain, fintech, healthcare technology, artificial intelligence and smart cities. Hong Kong based company.

Marita Group Holding is a global property development, recreational park and smart city company, headquartered in Morocco.

The group also engages in the sectors of renewable energy and waste recycling, hydrogen production, electric cars, sustainable development, development of natural resource mining and providers of medical equipment and products.