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Man's needs and problems on earth keep on growing every minute and second of the day. Man cannot shy away from these needs and problems of his as they actually define his essence of existence and survival in the world. These wants and problems have been tackled in different forms right from the inception of the earliest men to live on earth as recorded in the history books. As the world advances so as these needs and problems associated with man advance too requiring the use of specialized, sophisticated tools and strategies in solving these problems headlong. Following the sophisticated and advanced nature of man's needs and problems, the manual approach hitherto deployed in ancient times to solve these problems are no longer suitable for tackling them.

The birth or discovery of technology by man will forever remain an indelible mark in the history of mankind. This technology assumes different forms and dimensions in helping out to meet up man's needs as well as solving his problems. It is equally noteworthy to mention that technology has not fully satisfied the solutions to man's problems and wants because as earlier mentioned, these needs and problems keep getting sophisticated over time. As a follow-up, the blockchain technology is one of the sophisticated and advanced technology in town to solve the problem of trust in various transactions and equally implement transparent processes in businesses and transactions. However, blockchain technology is being faced with the challenge of poor application in solving varieties of human wants and problems.

This situation has led the technology to be left in the hands of the minority who can afford the needed resources and heavy financial requirements to run and use the technology.



In order to increase the broader application and use of the blockchain technology to solve numerous human wants and problems, Temtum blockchain is on the ground to make such dream and goal come true. Temtum Blockchain is a blockchain network that increases the use of blockchain technology even among the common man through the adoption of less resourceful and computational digital devices that function as nodes of the network. The Temtum Blockchain network considers the blockchain as the technology of the present and future generation that will enhance and improve activities and transactions of people of the world, which in turn informed its decision to make available blockchain nodes that will be easily accessible and affordable to the common man.

To scale up the use and applications of the blockchain technology, the tools and facilities that are required to fully implement the blockchain technology in any transaction or process must be very easy to access by the majority of the populace. Making these blockchain tools and facilities to be readily available at the doorstep of many people implies that these tools and facilities must be gotten at a very affordable price; therefore Temtum Blockchain network solution deemed it fit to allow affordable digital devices such as smartphones to be used as nodes in its blockchain network.

Following this development, the Temtum blockchain ecosystem has put smiles on the faces of blockchain enthusiasts who wish to participate in this network as they can now comfortably and effortlessly be partakers of this revolutionary technology.


Temtum Cryptocurrency: This is the cryptocurrency of the Temtum Blockchain network and has TEM as its symbol. Temtum Cryptocurrency is effortlessly used in real-life application, it can be used as a means of exchange between two or more parties in a trustless scenario. Using TEM as a currency gives one the opportunity to experience a convenient and easy transaction process with devices such as smart digital devices.


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