CryptoKitties raises $12 million from early investors of Facebook and Twitter. What for?

in #blockchain5 years ago (edited)

CryptoKitties raised $12 million from a buch of venture investors. The fact of getting funds from professional investors (not from players) by a blockchain game is cool. That means more interest will be attracted to that area.
But the point that is the most interesting for me - for what purposes CryptoKitties need investments? They launched in November 2017 and nothing changed since that times in game mechanics. There are a lot of new blockchain games with more in-game opportunities (like fighting and hero/monster leveling up) but CryptoKitties is still just the most well known classic crypto collectible: buy and breed. In the The Next Web Q&A session one of the developers answered a question about future game plans without any details:

Q: Are there any plans of expanding CryptoKitties to something more than what you can do right now?
A: Short answer: yes. Absolutely!

Do you thinks that this answer and getting $12 million from investors mean that CryptoKitties are going to have something really new (not just another one rare and limited kitty) in game opportunities?


I have so many: see my kittens

but the markets are so down, i think im going to HODL. maybe in December this year when they don't release anymore gen0, mine will sell better!?

Do you have any? what are your thoughts?

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