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There are many investment opportunities in the 21st century. The big boom in the world of investments has generated bitcoin and cryptocurrency. People buy cryptocurrencies for a long time, hoping to make a lot of money in the future, some are engaged in trading and earn every day, others are engaged in mining cryptocurrency. Simply put, mining is the process of cryptocurrency mining using the power of special equipment. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto pioneered the Bitcoin cryptocurrency mining system for the first time. Since 2009, the era of the gold rush of the 21st century has begun. All rushed to extract "gold" (Bitcoin). At first, this could be done using the power of a regular home computer, but now mining for Bitcoin is possible only with the use of special mining farms. As in the period of the “gold rush”, many people were disappointed, the equipment and electricity turned out to be very expensive and did not recoup the costs of bitcoin mining. It is very important to calculate all the risks: choose the right equipment, and country with a loyal or even positive attitude to cryptocurrency, the price of electricity should be low and cover all the costs of the used power. Energy is consumed a lot, so it is important that the extraction of electricity does not harm the environment. Many mining farms combine to increase the power of their computers. Bitcoin mining has practically become impossible for ordinary people.


Securix is a decentralized bitcoin mining platform sharing profits with its investors. Securix proposes to take on all the problems with Bitcoin mining. All owners of SRXIO tokens receive monthly income from bitcoin mining, 45% of the profits. Securix tokens enable access to the mining service and income from bitcoin mining. Every month, thanks to smart contracts, your income will come to your wallet. When SRXIO tokens are added to the exchanges, you can easily sell them. The company will buy tokens and burn them, which will fuel additional interest and demand for the SRXIO platform token.
Securix is thinking not only about profit, but also about the environment. Securix buys energy only from producers of green energy (water, sun and wind). The EAN-EAN platform allows you to buy renewable energy sources without intermediaries. The main office of the company is in Dubai, but the mining of the farm will be in a building with a total area of 10.5 thousand square meters. The authorities of the Netherlands are famous for their loyal policies and economies, which gives another plus in favor of this country.
Securix is holding an ICO, during which you can purchase SRXIO tokens with a bonus. Now the bonus is 15%. The price of one token is 1 dollar. The team plans to direct 85% of the funds received during the ICO to purchase equipment and only 15% of the funds for administration. At present, a software cap of $ 3 million has been reached, there is a live site, a deal to upgrade electricity above 7 MW, the location of farms has been determined, an agreement has been signed and the initial capital of $ 250 thousand.


Securix platform is a great opportunity for everyone to get additional passive income and join bitcoin mining. The team takes all the risks, reinvests in new equipment, chooses the perfect place for profitable extraction of Bitcoin, uses only the best equipment and renewable energy sources.


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So engaging and good

promising project

The Securix platform gives a great opportunity to small investors, many want to mine bitcoin.

Good article, I follow the project, I like its development.

Thank you!

The 21st century became the " gold rush of bitcoin»

The building is a larger area, if you force all the equipment for mining, I think it will work.

Let's see what happens while I like it.

Using renewable energy is the right thing to do.

The Netherlands is a suitable article for mining, I would also consider it.

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