The Basics About the Blockchain And the Top Industries It Is And About To Disrupt.

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I like what this video from Future Thinkers had made in order to briefly explain what the blockchain is all about and the various industries it is about to disrupt.

It failed to mention my favorite cryptocurrencies, Steem and Bitshares. Even the platforms or industries where they belong namely social media and trading exchanges. Except for the last or the19th on the list where it mentioned all industries that involves large data. Then you can somehow assimilate Steem and Bitshares and their respective industries with it. However you can somehow feel the magnitude of how this major technology will affect today's and tomorrow's society.

As mentioned in this video blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly. Here are the major industries. that it is disrupting and is about to disrupt.

1. Banking and Payments.

2. Cyber Security

3. Supply Chain Management

4. Forecasting

5. Networking and the Internet of Things

6. Insurance

7. Private Transport and Ride Sharing

8. Cloud Storage

9. Charity

10. Voting

11. Government

12. Public Benefits

13. Healthcare

14. Energy Management

15. Online Music

16. Retail

17. Real Estate

18. Crowdfunding

19. Your Industry (Any Industry with Big Data)

Just watch the video below and realize how exciting the times we are living in today.

I am refreshed everyday by listening to powerful messages or hearing inspiring music. Here is one of what I watched and listened today. Be inspired, be empowered, enjoy!

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I'm just wondering how badly will the industries be hit and what will the repercussion impact.


I am sure that it will improve the industries... some stakeholders will get hit at the onset but it will be for the better of the industries,

I am all for blockchain but I am also thinking the number of people who will lose their jobs in those industries that will be hit by blockchain technology. So what happens to them? There's going to be a chain reaction to the disruption by blockchain. Has anyone considered this?


I am sure that it will be for the better of the industries being hit. More efficient. reliable and transparent platforms will be created.