EIPlatform – the future of esports marketing

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EIPlatform is a huge scale stage in light of the blockchain framework, which permits straightforwardly connecting supports, accomplices, gamers, esports fans with huge advantages and accommodation for all gatherings.


Brands and Companies don't comprehend the Esport group of onlookers and the market itself.

Effectiveness of interests in the Esports showcase is diminishing.

Little groups, starting streamers and competitions of nearby significance don't gain admittance to the financial plans of huge organizations.

Principle part of the promoting spending plan of Brands is taken by different middle people and organizations. A wide piece of the group of onlookers doesn't take part in the improvement of Esports specifically.


Brands spend up to 17% of offers income on showcasing. This cost thing of Brands is experiencing offices and proceeds relentlessly developing.

One of the objectives of EIP is to supplant offices with more customized and productive direct showcasing, encouraging compelling direct association amongst Brands and the group of onlookers. Making of a solitary EIP stage outfitted with manmade brainpower, with utilizing its own computation apparatuses will permit the accompanying:


The rule of the EIP biological system.

Brands and organizations will get immediate access to the esports gathering of people, which at last will have the chance to take an interest in the improvement of esports. The EIP biological system in light of computerized reasoning will permit to recognize and characterize the individual conduct of market members, will permit to break down the unpredictable collaboration of these practices and will give an instant answer for each accomplice based on necessities and undertakings.

Biological community EIP streamlines costs for sponsorship by expanding its effectiveness and expanding gainfulness for each accomplice. In the meantime, the gathering of people will get select products and enterprises.

The EIP biological system will be conveyed in the biggest urban communities of the world with all important foundation for effective task.

Biological community EIP is situated to the most powerfully creating world market – the esports showcase.

For the effective dispatch and usage of the EIP venture, we arranged an ICO. April 10, 2018 the dispatch of offers of EMP tokens. The greatest objective of ICO is: 60,000,000 USD. The correct number of tokens will rely upon the measure of venture.

Why is the EIP venture ensured achievement?

  1. Transparency

EIP includes making a helpful and accesible plan of action. All data is in people in general space, minimization of dangers and certifications for potential speculators.

  1. Trust

Accomplices of our organization is regarded and exceptionally well known group in the realm of esports – Team Empire. The group of onlookers of which is around 200 million individuals every year. The sentiment of Team Empire's members is critical in the realm of esports.

  1. The EIP group incorporates genuine experts in their field. Proficient software engineers, designers, directors, advertisers.

  2. Life does not stop, it's the ideal opportunity for change! EIP accept the making of new establishments of a model of conduct between supports, financial specialists, organizations and esports gathering of people. Our undertaking gives a basic arrangement of association between the members, no more mediators.

For what reason would it be advisable for me to purchase EMP tokens?

  1. A magnificent open door for financial specialists at ICO EIP to secure tokens one of the first and win on their incentive later on.

  2. Buyers can utilize the EMP digital money inside the made biological system to make installments for products and enterprises with the likelihood of further interest in the improvement of esports.

Today you can turn into a piece of an extensive biological community without bounds!

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