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ZhongAn Technology is the tech trend-setter/designer of Chinese protection innovation. ZhongAn Online, the main online insurance agency in China, is set to change the chicken supply and quality control industry of around five billion chickens devoured each year, by executing a blockchain framework to streamline quality control

ZhongAn Tech began building up a blockchain-based stage to track and record the chicken production network from a reproducing base to preparing plants and at last calculated organizations who convey the chickens to the market. This sealed record would be the first of its kind intended for and executed in the farming segment worldwide.The stage will give every chicken an exceptional character by applying facial acknowledgment programming empowering an ongoing record of data available on the decentralized record. The blockchain will likewise record points of interest of the every day sustenance given to chickens, their dietary necessities, and even their day by day exercise to guarantee they are solid. This undertaking was named "GoGo Chicken" and was started in Cha'an Town situated in Anhui territory, in the eastern piece of China. The chickens are reproduced on natural sustenance, they create on unfenced ranches which enables them to carry on with an ordinary and sound life enduring from four to a half year. As an examination, industrial facility reproduced chickens, by and large, have a forty-five-day life traverse. �

"Every one of our chickens wears an anklet since birth, which is an IoT [internet of things] gadget that interfaces remotely to our blockchain-based system and sends continuous information about the fledgling's whereabouts and how much exercise it gets each day. When you shop and see crude chicken [from us], you can essentially keep an eye on your cell phone application to know its origin, what nourishment it ate, and what number of steps it strolled amid its life." – Chen Wei, the CEO for ZhongAn Tech, told the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

The organization is focusing on China's undeniably wellbeing cognizant urban shoppers who need to follow the causes of chickens marked as natural or unfenced, and even take after a fowl's life to know how it experienced childhood with the ranch.

Subsequent to having a few outrages on nourishment security, especially identified with pitching lapsed and spoiled chicken meat to generally well known fast-food chains, China's extending working class will pay more for sound and safe meat. Moreover, ZhongAn Technology began creating "cultivate based tourism", which is ending up exceptionally mainstream among youthful urban individuals who grab the chance to visit untainted provincial places on end of the week trips, taste neighborhood customary dishes and in addition get themselves at least one chickens.

By introducing the application, they can see their chicken(s) on the homestead's screens, appreciate the wide open and keep following their chicken's advancement on their telephones from home. Right now, there are in excess of 100,000 GoGo Chicken winged animals wearing IoT anklets. The organization intends to expand the aggregate number of such chickens to in excess of 23 million out of three years. Aside from Hangzhou Wupu – the organization which planned and delivered the counter forging IoT gadgets and Anlink which helped the improvement of the blockchain startup stage, there are a few different organizations ZhongAn Tech teamed up with for GoGo Chicken.

The task additionally got help from the neighborhood government and monetary specialist organizations, for example, loan specialists and safety net providers, which added to making the natural cultivating process more straightforward and in this way, diminishing ZhongAn Tech's credit evaluation costs.

ZhongAn Technology likewise perceives that the blockchain innovation can be connected as pet look after perceiving felines and pooches and their exercises. They additionally began examining whether the blockchain-based innovation can be utilized as a part of fish cultivating too.

It remains yet to be seen what other application the blockchain-based innovation can have, in any case, it ends up being to be dependable, secure and savvy.

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