[ANN] PornPoint LAUNCHED! Decentralized Adult Marketplace - Masternodes - SHA256

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PornPoint Official Website: https://pornpoint.org/
Based on Syscoin 3.2 source
Merge-Mining SHA-256
Block target: 60 seconds
Coinbase maturity: 60 blocks
Masternode: 100,000 PNPT

Rewards: 42 Pornpoints per block deflated 5 percent per year.
10 percent to governance proposals (4.2 Pornpoints / block).
22.5 percent to miner (9.45 Pornpoints / block)
67.5 percent to masternode (28.35 Pornpoints / block)

Latest Wallets: https://github.com/pornpoint/pornpoint/releases

Mining Pools
PornPoint Pool 1: http://pool.pornpoint.org

Block Explorers (02-26-2019)
Official Block Explorer: http://explorer.pornpoint.org/

Masternode Tools, Charts, Statistics and Market Cap
Masternode PDF Setup Guide (Ubuntu): https://pornpoint.org/pornpoint-masternode-setup.pdf
Submit a Proposal: http://proposal.pornpoint.org/

Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/WszJfcX
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pornpoint2019

Affiliate Program with Bitcointalk Signature

100 Masternodes For Sale (10 Rounds of 10)
We are selling 100 Masternodes from the premined points.
Each Masternode you buy will get you 100,000 (PNPT) Pornpoints.
*** Server and Installation NOT included ***
Get One Now! https://openbazaar.com/store/QmPZpAq2NADDkvHoJt6QbuCkCZfa1sqxmdhjJyzRvQ1Lza



Ok!! this is male my day!! interesting!!

I went to the site, social media links are on the left, wrong side of the website because they cover up the main navigation to the marketplace, which did not seem to go anywhere yet? Still waiting for the steemit version of steeemydates lol!

On what device and browser you have this problem? Thanks