PointPay - The Future of The Blockchain-based Banking

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What is PointPay?

PointPay is a blockchain-based crypto stock exchange platform that includes all conceivable services in the PointPay bank feature. PointPay is designed to provide secure and cost-effective switching between cryptocurrencies and real currencies, to provide fast and easy transactions, and to ensure a high level of validity and security. With the addition of PointPay bank, you will be able to perform low-cost transactions, make foreign currency and transfer transactions easily around the world and you will be able to control your assets as a result of very fast transactions. Not limited to all these, with the platform increase; You can use your virtual or debit cards, you will have crypto and real credit card units and you can easily benefit from the banking service of PointPay platform in your online transactions, crypto money investment, purchase and sale transactions and borrowing efficiency and you will get high-level service.

Thanks to PointPay platform, real currencies and cryptocurrencies will be able to work in an integrated way and a secure and valid shopping environment will be provided between the two currencies. In this way, processes can be handled quickly and a harmonized integration process will be initiated. With PointPay, you can easily convert your real currencies to cryptocurrency and vice versa and have a high-level, valid and secure platform for storing your assets. PointPay, a platform for the individual to provide self-control in three areas; Designed as PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Crypto Exchange Platform and PointPay Multi-Currency Wallet.


POINTPAY will create a superior platform where all transactions can be made on behalf of crypto money banking. Wallets with superior security to store assets, crypto currency transactions, and traditional banking transactions, as well as crypto money banking is a banking system that can handle all crypto money transactions. There are projects that do these operations separately, but all of them will only take place on POINTPAY platform. Transaction confusion and lack of confidence will be eliminated so that both of the market problems will be eliminated.

The biggest problem of the crypto currency market is that the use of other Fiat currencies is not fully realized. If the use of crypto money is provided in daily life, this problem will be eliminated. If people prefer these money for investment or expenditure, all problems in the market will disappear. Thanks to the PointPay platform, such as local and international currencies in classical banking transactions, all transactions will be made from crypto currencies.

Why We Must Use Point Pay Crypto Bank?

Point pay is developed by seeing new directions in the crypto market. It will cover all banking activities by adding some features to users. The crypto market will be able to manage, store, and develop capital owned by each user through Point Pay. Point Pay development is intended to provide an all-in-one solution that is unique to all problems in the global market.

Why Should You Invest in Point Pay?

Point Pay ecosystem development starts with the all-in-one cryptocurrency system. It will provide convenience for each user to access all cryptocurrency related services on one platform. Enhanced features are also being carried out, so that transaction convenience is maintained. An extended version of the main features such as Point Pay Crypto Wallet, Point Pay Crypto Exchange, and PointPay Crypto Bank will also be built with a full license.

Point Pay will be a company that implements a fully licensed all-in-one solution for crypto and fiat currencies on the global market. With the adoption of blockchain technology, the platform will be run transparently. Available services will make it easier for everyone to transact. The integration that is owned is also able to make you more comfortable using Point Pay for your various needs that can be resolved digitally.

The exchange at Point Pay also supports transactions that can be done 24 hours a week with global reach. The platform will not prevent you from being able to transact comfortably. Utilizing ecosystems will help you to accelerate transactions with unparalleled international services. You will get the best service with the use of a platform without having to worry about work schedules or hours.

Digital financial solutions for the future have come to provide the best service by maximizing the use of technology. The use of Point Pay is one form of ecosystem development offering that is aware of problems in carrying out global scale transactions. The all-in-one solution is the most needed to grow the economy through a digital platform.

Token Details

PointPay Token will be released based on the Ethereum platform and fully comply with the ERC20 standard. This will ensure security of the transactions, compatibility with the third-party services and will provide seamless and easy integration.

  • Symbol: PXP (PointPay token)
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Total number of tokens: 1,000,000,000
  • Total supply: 500,000,000
  • Unsold tokens: to be destroyed
  • Retail price: 1 PXP = $0.10
  • Soft cap: $1,000,000
  • Hard cap: $30,000,000


It’s obvious that the PointPay ecosystem is on its way to making cryptocurrency experience worthwhile for everyone through the help of its products (PointPay wallet, PointPay cryptocurrency exchange and PointPay cryptobank) which will not only cause a positive revolution in the cryptocurrency industry but will also undoubtedly rest in massive adoption of cryptocurrency globally.

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