Introducing Matic Network - Scalable and Instant Blockchain Transactions

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Hello Steemians!

You know I'd always bring good things here for you all. I found something New today!

There's this network that have solved one of the major problem we face on Blockchain and crypto space as a whole. The uniqueness of every Blockchain project is the new thing it brings in terms of the problems it's able to solve for us. I personally don't appreciate any project that is created with no aim of solving a particular problem or without its own uniqueness.

I found a network which was created to simplify interaction between Blockchain Users and Decentralized world. This network has put in place everything needed for Users to interact with the Blockchain without worrying at all about the complexity of the system.
I am more than happy to announce to you that the issue of slow block confirmation has been solved by this network and users can have the best experience.

This is what brings us to talking about 👇 👇 👇


Matic Network ensures Scalable and instant blockchain transactions. It brings massive scale to Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma framework with PoS based side chains. The main solution Matic provides is FASTER AND EXTREMELY LOW COST transaction which will be finalised on the main chain.


I will take you through Matic Features.


Scalability - Matic uses Decentralized plasma operator mechanism which will finally be completed on the main chain. This way scalability is possible

High Throughput - On a single Matic chain, up to 65,000 transaction per second which means it can scale to millions of transactions on a side chain tree architect.


User Experience - On Matic, you can have the best user experience as it has smooth UX abstraction from main chain to Matic chain which also supports WalletConnect.

Security - Matic chain operators are the Stakers and they delegate to POS system within the Matic Network.

Asset Interoperability - This feature is a coming soon feature. Assets on sidechains across various Blockchain will be interoperable by Matic Network.

One Stop DeFi Platform - Multiple protocols enabling extensive decentralized finance applications can be hosted on Matic Sidechains.

For Developers - You can also integrate Matic into your DAPPs with simple steps so your users can have smooth, fast and secure experience. Payment is settled on the Network anyday, anytime when needed. Read Doc


This is just a brief introduction to Matic.



I am Bee 🐝

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