Introducing ChangeNOW Exchange - Fast Crypto Swap, Free Of Custody

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Hi Steemians!

This is a post almost everyone will be interested in, for as long as you are into cryptocurrency, you must always want to do exchange, From one coin to the other in the fastest way possible.

One way or the other in the crypto world, we must have heard or seen people say, Do not keep your crypto on exchanges because most exchanges are known to be custodial and anything can happen at any point in time resulting to loss of assets.

A lot of Crypto Users ask this question, I want to exchange my crypto for another coin and the price is not favorable yet. How do I do it? I have no other choice than to leave my coin in exchange to sell when the price is favorable to avoid exchange withdrawal fees.

Not having any other choice has made lots of people loose their asset to some exchanges.

Now, have you ever imagined an exchange that doesn't even require registration and it's completely custody free, you don't have to deposit your coin on this exchange and leave it for a long time.

You deposit and provide a receiving address instantly to receive your coin and this exchange gets you the best rate in the market.

This brought us to

ChangeNow Exchange


ChangeNOW is a registration-free, non-custodial crypto Exchange platform for limitless and instant crypto swap.

ChangeNOW has more than 170 cryptocurrency coins and tokens listed on it with more than 36,000 trading pair.

This platform is known for reliable service over years of existence with greatest exchange rate for their customers with no hidden fees. They work with multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms to ensure good rates for their customers.

There's also Fiat-Crypto Exchange on ChangeNOW, platform is well organised and will definitely serve you right.

The good news here is, transactions are processed faster and there's no limit to the amount of Crypto that can be exchanged.

All you need to do is, get on the website and complete your transaction within few minutes.

Exchanging Crypto and Token swap has never been this easy.

ChangeNOW has so many other services aside crypto swap, you might also be interested in.

ChangeNOW is a wide product ecosystem and some of these products includes, Lightning Nodes, Payment system and NowNodes

Visit ChangeNOW now for an instant crypto swap.

Transact with a platform that is reliable and value honesty with their customers above all.

See subsequent posts for other ChangeNow products



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