Blockchain Cuties On Matic Network - Meet The Matic Heros

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Hi Steemians!!!

I know there are so many gamer around here most especially those that play Splinterlands. On Splinterlands, we play cards, cards with different abilities from different splinters but here is Blockchain Cuties. A game where you play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other real and fantasy creatures alike.

This creatures all belong to you, you can level them up, breed them and test their abilities and skills in battle. This cuties are tradeable via in-game economy which means they can easily be transferred to other players just the same way we trade our regular crypto.


I brought this post here because I know there are so many gamer on Steem and I want to tell you that Blockchain Cuties Universe is now on Matic Network, the only network that ensure scalability and Instant Blockchain transaction on Ethereum

MATIC Pre-Sale and Hero Announcement

Blockchain Cuties got on Matic Network and Presale Started on 23rd of July. Before the pre-sale started, Three epic warriors were revealed. This warriors will represent Matic Fraction of CutieLand. This means each Cutie are inspired by this heros.

You shouldn't guess!!!

Read on!!!


The First Matic Hero was named The Cop and was inspired by Bajirao Singham —an honest and valiant policeman.

See Video below to see who Bajirao Singham is and how he has inspired The Cop as Matic Hero

Bajirao Singham.png

On a regular cutie, Bajiro Inspired will look like the picture below



The Second Matic Hero is named The Robot/The Android and it is inspired by the Android Power House(Chitti).
See Video Below to see Mr. Android in action

Here, you can tell how powerful Mr. Android will be as a Cutie with hi-tech item set.

Mr. Android.png

On a regular cutie, Mr. Android will look like the picture below



The third Matic Hero is named The strongman and this cutie is inspired by Shivudua noble warrior of great strength.

See Video Below to see what Shivudu is capable of


In Blockchain Cuties, Shivudu will be very powerful and Fearsome

And this cutie will look like the picture below as a regular cutie

Are you eager to see the remaining Matic Heros?

You should see my next post if YES
Blockchain Cuties is a big adventure game you should never miss. Register and get your own cuties. See what each cuties are capable of doing.

And Most Importantly. Use




I am Bee 🐝

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