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With the growth of alternative, or better still digital money steadily on the rise, adoption of same currencies sustainably climbing to the crescendo, no time will be more rife to engage the gluts of my blog followers and enthusiasts on an all-important discourse about the revolutionary, beneficial and result-oriented infrastructure in the blockchain space, one that has a huge bearing on global decentralised finance called High Yield Bank.

Taking a cursory look at the innovative Yield Bank project and infrastructure shows the birthing of a new order conceptualized to bring about a monumental and hugely secure profit oriented platform for every user. The Yield bank infrastructure has been well modeled with a regulatory token that will be instrumental in accessing the various values inherent in the platform.
In other words, High yield Bank is a unique and innovative infrastructure that is poised to open new frontiers for exponential yields that are yet very secure and achievable by every level of participants as its key selling point is to guarantee financial inclusion to all and sundry in the new economic order universally.
It is on record that the decentralized finance horizon is increasingly getting adoption, hence the innovative and revolutionary YieldBank that has financial potentials is out to provide far-reaching strategies and outstanding features to ensure that the steady rise in defi trade is carried out efficiently and effectively


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According to trusted experts in the blockchain space, the uniqueness of the YieldBank infrastructure can be well experienced and deducted from the quality of inherent features and functional tools it possesses. Basically, the YieldBank’s cardinal objective is to bring about monumental advancement that will incorporate a good number of result and solution-oriented services that the decentralized finance is bringing to the front burner in a solitary infrastructure while also seamlessly entrenching a reward system in its internal structure.
Let me take you into some of these tools specially earmarked to disrupt the mainstream defi processes and fast-track global acceptance. The Yieldbank was specially conceptualized with an exceptional interface and pro user experience that has all the trappings to enable the user to have privy to what they are accustomed to but exceptionally put together in a more seamless and easy to use interface that will be less complex but massively efficient.
The interesting thing about the YieldBank infrastructure is that the initiators of the project have instituted a database layer aboard the Ethereum network. In other words, every of the ETH address having yB in place has the capacity to be allotted an account number, one that is quite distinctive and has an entry linked internally in the command database as it concerns the unique ETH address.
It is good to let you know that the system has been well modeled by the developers to make it possible for all incentives to be sufficient in a bid to guard against the issue of selling the token of the infrastructure, but to expressly generate passive income and not to just dwell on the betting as it concerns the Yieldbank architecture. The features are quite exceptional and have been attracting rave reviews following its sustainability, reward system, income, and the issues associated with betting.

**Another intriguing YieldBank feature is what has come to be known as the Auto-Compounding Feature. This is another eye-opening feature accomplished by the utilization of a check box and button. How if I may ask, participants can seamlessly re-invest personal dividends from the Yield to their personal pool and this is in line with prevailing rates with a view to fashioning the different pools for expansive arbitrage marketplace as it concerns trading and creating passive income valued in line with the prevailing market environment.

**There is another feature called Auto Compounding – As an infrastructure that automatically acknowledges income, this feature basically has to do with the utilization of a checkbox and a button. Participants have the ability to seamlessly and expressly reinvest their dividends from the yield straight to their pool and this is in line with existing rates to generate and calculate interest automatically.


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For keen followers of this infrastructure, it will be ideal to point out that the diverse system has made expositions of two kinds of rewards obtainable when placing a bet as it concerns the yieldBank infrastructure.
**Firstly we must appreciate the fact about the distinctiveness of the Yieldbank infrastructure following its result and solution-oriented infrastructure template. Talking about the token economy, as you place a yB token expressly on the framework, it has been modeled in such a way that the time of the incentive or reward following the accomplishment does not in any way depend on its initial bet form, but however is expressed basically in the outward appearance of a yCASH token. Let me educate you a little about this token, it is a deflationary token that has comparable characteristics to the yB token. The initiators have modeled the yCASH token to be a high volume open marketplace token. This token comes with a huge value proposition and monumental support from the many pools as it concerns the platform, with the cardinal objective to provide requisite liquidity support. And strongly putting up solid support for ILL internal token therein.

**Secondly, according to infographics made available for the project, both the yB and yCASH tokens have the ability to expressly purchase themselves in the vast marketplace in the light of the fact that they are both deflationary. If you carefully follow through the platform, you will find out that the system has been modeled to remain defiant to seller pressure with a distinct environment to sustainably churn out a token value that is towering and far above the ground.
It has been affirmed that the entire holders of the yB token have the advantage and ability to place bets taking advantage of their participation in the ecosystem. The streamlining of the Yielbank platform is done in such a way that should the user make available IL Liquidity in return for a receipt, expressly an LP token can basically be put on the infrastructure to take delivery of an incentive outlined in the form of a yB token. Like I have said earlier, there are beehives of benefits because the yB token also has the capacity to be staked autonomously and individually which is not attainable in any other infrastructure known for now.



Let me borrow a leaf from the trusted financial experts who have evaluated this project and have come out to firmly declare it as the future of the decentralized finance ecosystem. YieldBank is here to positively disrupt known and mainstream systems and functionalities in the decentralized finance landscape, that has proven not to be potent enough. It is here to open new frontiers and provide new landmarks never before seen in the space. I want to urge users and investors to take advantage of this project to better their lot.

For More Information About The High YieldBank Project, Please Click On The Links Below:

Website: https://yieldbank.finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yieldbank
Telegram: http://t.me/yieldbank
Medium: https://medium.com/@YieldBank/Introducing-iyield-yield-bank-af745a661b0
Bitcointalk Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5283622.msg55427056#msg55427056

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