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Mocktail was officially unveiled on September 20th, as a project and infrastructure with unblemished focus on decentralized finance and Non fungible tokens. Mocktail belongs to a new rave in the financial industry that received a remarkable leap this 2021, one that opens news frontiers for growth for those interested in investing in cryptocurrency.

Mocktail is a never before seen infrastructure launching a semi fungible token on the Binance smart chain, which ultimately signals an invaluable and revolutionary trend as it concerns the decentralized financial space.

The Mocktail Finance Swap has been conceptualized to resonate with that very rare objective to address the many decentralized finance challenges bedeviling the global financial landscape. It was an infrastructure deliberately developed to prioritize security.

According to infographics made available, Mocktail will be leveraging on the Binance Smart chain (BSC) network and is implementing the semi fungible token (SFT) of the ERC-1155 standard in the Binance Smart Chain for the very first in the comity of virtual currency globally.

It will be recalled that the ERC-1155 standard was brought to the front burner as the new Ethereum token standard on the Binance smart chain and a new decentralized application on mocktail Finance Swap. Basically, the ERC-1155 standard provides opportunity for a single smart contract to have the ability to manage an almost unlimited number of tokens.

Let me take you further; it is on record that technically unlike ERC721 immutable Tokens (NFT) tokens, each tokens can only have one address.


The project must have been receiving wide adoption and rave reviews following its water tight security system; it has continued to attract user confidence and trust, especially since it has already taken a step to prioritize security before implementing the project. In other words, Mocktail is one of the industry's leading security certificates. After CertiK reviewed the project reliability of CertiK's code and applications, it has been approved for security.

Mocktail by large does not only stands out with its innovative and multifunctional platform projects, but also stands out with its very powerful marketing plan. Apparently, the Mocktail finance project attracted the attention of people interested in DEFI and new projects from the very beginning. Especially the quality reflected to the outside and excellent design and development skills, its quality far exceeds the existing DEFI project. This extraordinary quality seems to have led to high demand for the project.


A cursory look at the wallet reveals that there are more than 6,500 currencies in the wallet of the project token MOCK; which is a good feat for projects that have no open platform at the beginning. The Mocktail Finance project according to some experts who initially entered, is expected to surge into serious price increases as the days go by.


The Mocktail infrastructure is well designed to churn out muti-functionalities. We have a unique design that allows for transferring multiple types of tokens at the same time, saving transaction charges. Interestingly, trading (escrow/atomic exchange) of multiple tokens can be built on top of this standard and expunges the need to approve individual token contracts separately. It is also seamless to designate and mix multiple types of exchangeable and non-exchangeable tokens in a single contract.


Looking at the Mocktail Cake, the ERC -1155 token is indeed opening new frontiers, basically, until it is redeemed, at the point of redemption, it becomes non fungible. After redemption, tokens will not have any value and cannot be traded like regular tokens, In view of this; these non-fungible tokens can be traded in the swiftly emergent NFT marketplace.



The clearly defined roadmap by the developers is a reflection of the dreams and aspirations of the developers. The team through the roadmap has clearly shown the projects' milestones all the way.

Conclusion :

I am quite excited about this project and the dynamics offered by the infrastructure, the priority offered in the security aspect and the wide rave reviews by trusted experts in the defi space is something that tells you that the future is here with Mocktail. Yhe project is opening new frontiers in the decentralized finance space and bringing new dynamics via the NFT. I am using this medium to urge investors and users alike to take advantage while it last.

For information about the Mocktail project, click on the links below:


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