OIKOS: Uniquely Modeled User-Friendly Interface Capable Of Exchanging Different Synthetic Assets

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Oikos is a dynamic infrastructure that can be utilized for the creation of on-chain synthetic resources that are exposed to other assets via tracking their actual prices. It is a de-centralized synthetic asset issuance agreement infrastructure built on Tron. These synthetic assets basically are guaranteed by Oikos network token (OKS), which can be issued after the token is locked in the contract.

What this means id that fiat currencies (euro, pound) and merchandise in the form of gold and silver (XAU, XAG) The system supports any kind of assets, including market-traded stocks (Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.), as well as more complex products, such as indices (New York Stock Exchange, NIKKOR), futures, options, and CFDs. Therefore, Oikos can be seen as a bridge between the cryptocurrency ecosystem and what we know as the customary money industry.


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• Developer tools make it seamless to create applications with the help of Oikos services
• Trade over 30 synthesizers from different categories
• Price data is obtained from multiple trusted sources and cumulatively brought together to engender a reliable price warning mechanism
• Liquidity-sensitive automatic pricing using recurring merchandise formulas.
• Join the liquidity pool to collect the fees of the TRX-TRC20 pair. No packaging is required to replace TRX with any TRC20.

The revolutionary OIKOs architecture is unique in all respects, especially considering that it provides a uniquely modeled user-friendly interface capable of exchanging different synthetic assets. An in-depth look at the infrastructure indicates that the entire synthesizer assets have 100% OKS (token) standby value, and every activity within the platform revolves around the particularity of OKS tokens.
Interestingly, the OIKOS structure is not without miners providing different levels of tasks within the platform. Miners provide a very attractive interactive interface for synthesizing/burning synthesizers, activating collaboration ratios, and charging fees for synthesizer distribution. By locking the OKS token in a smart contract, the generation process of Synths can be at least 7.5 times more than the Synths you create. This is necessary to ensure the stability of the system using excessive collaboration. As long as the price of OKS drops sharply, the system is sufficient to ensure sustained liquidity.


Part of the exceptional gains of the Oikos ecosystem basically is the mindblowing trust-less exchange tool, fundamentally the Oikos Swap which is the Tron port of Uniswap: Taking a cursory look at this shows a trustless de-centralized exchange which makes it possible for participants to transact on whichever Tron oriented tokens devoid of having to make any deposits or pulling out assets in a centralized-order-book. Note that, Oikos Swap ’s liquidity pool has hardly slipped over most transactions. Anyone can contribute by growing or decreasing liquidity, earning give away payment in the form of exchange fees and rewards paid with OKS tokens. Let me get these mind-blowing trustless tools for your perusal.

**Permanent operation: The Oikos exchange cannot be stopped. As long as the Tron network is running, the protocol will run forever.
** 24/7 automatic trading: Oikos Swap allows you to trade tokens at any time of the day or night. All transactions are executed through de-centralized smart contracts.
**Trading TRC-20 tokens: Oikos Swap allows you to trade TRC-20 protocol tokens on the Tron blockchain.
** Can handle orders of any size: Oikos Swap can technically handle orders of any size from 0 to infinity. The protocol uses an asymptotic curve to increase the price of coins as the required number increases. This means that Oikos Swap can handle orders of any size, but after a certain limit, the price of really large orders is too high.
**Decentralized trading: Oikos Swap is like a de-centralized exchange; you can buy and sell tokens without the intervention of a centralized third party. However, it differs from decentralized exchanges in that no real P2P "exchange" occurs. You are swapping tokens with the liquidity pool.

Stock code: OKS
Total supply: 100000000

*60% allocated to investors
Private and major sales
*20% allocated to the team
Advisors vesting quarterly for 24 months
*12% is allocated to the foundation,
*12 months per quarter
*5% reserved for partners Incentives
*3% is reserved for bounty and
Marketing incentives
Acceptable currency: TRX


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An innovative project backed by a vastly experienced team, they have been able to churn out a good community support project. The team has set ambitious goals with a cross-section of technically savvy individuals with far-reaching pedigree especially in the digital ecosystem.
According to trusted experts in the blockchain space, the team has been quite instrumental to the success of this project. There is indeed no doubt that the objectives they have set out for this project will be met and surpassed.
Let me end this by saying that the OIKIs infrastructure, is basically collateralized in a bid not to risk the system losing value and liquidity caused by some black swan events if you know what I mean.
Taking a cursory look at the supply side, Oikos will increase by more than 1.4 million OKS every week in the first year; thereafter, the interest rate of 1.25% will be adopted from the 40th week to the 194th week, and the inflation rate of 2.5% will be reached from the 234th week. Keep it forever.
This supply will incentivize those who hold tokens for a long time.
In addition to the token system, dedicated exchanges and token exchanges have been created, and an account can be linked to the exchange and exchange assets that will be created with this system. I am excited to inform you that already this innovative architecture has commenced running.
My final word to users of the platform and investor is to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the OIKOs project and infrastructure while the time lasts.

For more information about the revolutionary OIKOS platform, please click on the links below:

Website: https://oikos.cash/
Medium: https://medium.com/@oikoscash
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5243484.0
Github: http://github.com/oikos-cash
Telegram: http://t.me/oikoscash
Twitter: http://twitter.com/oikos_cash
Discord: http://discord.gg/qjuqy6X
Litepaper: https://docs.oikos.cash/litepaper/

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