Dego.Finance: An Innovative Open Source Decentralized Finance Infrastructure Based On Blockchain

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Today I am going to take gluts of my blog followers into a discourse about a fascinating and revolutionary infrastructure leveraging on the blockchain to disrupt the global financial ecosystem and entrenching efficiency, financial fluidity and complete decentralization in the space, and is referred to as DEGO.
Basically, DEGO is a multifaceted, open and close, result-oriented product that is poised to restoring decorum in the financial system. Accordingly trusted experts in the system has continued to express confidence in the project which in spite of the absence of practical and comprehensive website has continued to gain far-reaching recognition and leaving a bigger picture of how it will affect the vibrant marketplace and of course the diverse dynamics it will bring into merchandising.

Insight To The Innovative DEGO Platform:
The innovative DEGO project is coming with a cardinal objective that will open a kind of Decentralised finance system and an ecosystem where people do not need any centralized involvement, leaving a truly free and invaluable infrastructure. Basically, the DEGO platform can easily go for the creativity and style that has the semblance with the Lego toys enjoyed by all and sundry. Looking closely, the Lego brick is solitarily insignificant, but when they come together, depending on your imagination, great products are expected to make the landing.
DEGO hopes to create a structure that takes every step into consideration. For example, Lego bricks can work in harmony with each other and become part of a beautiful whole by eliminating all incompatibility in the DeFi world. The project was conceptualized to be completely open source, with the ability to access the data and code if they want to acquaint themselves.
DEGO is opening frontiers to give priority to its modularity when creating this different ecosystem. The conceptualizers are aware that by putting the same parts together in different ways, the new whole to be formed will not just be a linear sum of parts. If we want to illustrate, you can think that computers made of plastic, metal and some simple circuits are more valuable than their parts. You can also compare the LEGO bricks that will make up the LEGO toy with the legend value after completion.

Perusing The Decentralised Finance Model:
Taking a cursory look at the present model of the Decentralised finance indicates that it is gradually assuming our new way of financial dealings globally. The main objective of Defi is to create a financial world by decentralizing all financial institutions and financial forms that are concentrated presently. This is basically harnessing the power of the community which is now seen as quite imperative to achieving a global financial goal.
A cryptocurrency exchange is basically a central exchange, and all investments are held by one or more central persons. In the past ten years, we have seen very bad examples. We learned that even the largest stock exchange holders have the ability to seamlessly steal investors funds. On the other hand, in DeFi exchanges, funds are not collected in anyone's hands or wallets, and all transactions are performed directly through smart-contracts on the Ethereum network. This ensures that personal funds are always safe and absolutely protected.

Other DeFi configurations that have recently emerged are lending platforms and agricultural platforms. These platforms bring together those who do not need loans and those who want to borrow without a central intermediary, and unlike central platforms, they enable them to borrow at a more favorable interest rate for both parties.
Present central platforms can be likened to a kind of proxy precept where you delegate the authority to someone or center staff to make the decision for you. Of course, any wrong decision made by the centre staff or organization will cause you serious losses.
This is why financial dealers globally among others are quite excited about the disruptions brought about by DEGO, which value proposition institutionalizes priority to decentralization. In other words, via the DEGO value proposition, gluts can make their own decisions without a central intermediary and this leaves a functional position in society where everyone is significant..

The DEGO Token Functionalities

Screenshot_2020-09-14 DEGO(1).png

Perusing through the imperatives of the DEGO Token indicate that it is an internal and local regulation token earmarked for use in the general management of the ERC20-based ecosystem and community, with a view to allowing participants to have a say in management, and also, that smart contracts can be used on the Ethereum network. This will enable the management of the DeFi platform to be implemented. Inspired by Bitcoin, limited production of 21 million units was produced.
The DEGO token is doing something exceptional contrary to Bitcoin and other DeFi tokens, interestingly, the DEGO token have a cyclical deflationary structure. With the infographics made available. one-tenth or 5% of the amount of DEGO that can be used for each transaction will be reduced, half of this 5% is expected to be transferred to the pot for reward, and the remaining half will be burnt. Over time, the number of tokens will decrease and may lead to exponential token upward evaluation.

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