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With the berth of the revolutionary blockchain technology spanning over ten years ago, there has been an upsurge of remarkable technological projects that has touched various aspects of the based on the technical savvy of the blockchain.
It is apparent that presently, the capitalization of what we know as the cryptographic market place has been monumental and the reasons for this are not far-fetched., the various projects has seamlessly given rise to a good number of digital exchange infrastructure, massive investment in crypto and continuous rise in the use case of blockchain technology.
With the constant rise in the number of these projects, comes major challenges associated with security, transparency, coping with the activities of online theft, and hackers among others responsible for the loss of millions of funds and protracted the issue of delay in the wide adoption of the blockchain.
What makes the entire scenario even worrisome is the fact that purported big players in the crypto exchange ecosystem are monumentally hit by these scammers and huge resources lost down the drain, users of such platform also complains bitterly about the snail transaction pace of existing platform, issues of high charges and complaints associated with transparency.
This is why today I am excited to introduce to you, an innovative and revolutionary crypto trading infrastructure in the blockchain space that is berthed to address these gluts of challenges, bring about a paradigm shift and restore the confidence of users and investors on the blockchain space called the Extons exchange architecture. The Extons trading cardinal objective will open new frontiers for traders via the development of a high-in-depth trading architecture with mindblowing and solution-oriented features and apparatus that is seamless to use and shall offer a breathtaking understanding of crypto exchanges to utilizers.

The Imperatives Of The Extons Exchange:

Screenshot_2020-08-19 Extons io--Secure Cryptocurrency Trading Platform With Fiat, BTC Trading, ETH Trading, XRP Trading, T[...](2).png

Let me take you on a journey about the fundamentals of the Extons infrastructure, Extons exchange is basically a super-powered crypto trading infrastructure that is here to bridge the gap and expunge all prevailing issues that have been bedeviling the smooth trading in exchanges and on diverse digital assets. Extons is basically otherwise referred to as Tons Exchange, developed as an exchange infrastructure to provide critical assistance and support to raise funds at a very low charge. Among the gluts of benefits, I find the issue of possibility for traders to trade for free as strategic, in other words, those partaking in the exchange activities of the platform can also trade crypto for fiat currency. The prospect of the speed of transaction is phenomenal on the platform as traders are gifted with a turbo speed platform that is positioned to serve the purpose for both corporate entities and on a personal level.

Fundamental Advantages Of Extons Infrastructure

Screenshot_2020-08-19 Extons io--Secure Cryptocurrency Trading Platform With Fiat, BTC Trading, ETH Trading, XRP Trading, T[...](1).png

A trader's years of trading can be futile if the trading platform/interface is not unique and dynamic, easily navigatable, with fast speed, smooth transaction, and 24/7 support.
High liquidity feature is an underlying agent of successful trading, Extons implements an advanced technology design artificial market that matches wall Street's industry standard, it also has an infused model-based analysis that is based on over 250 markets parameters and commensurate round the clock support system.

Basically, the huge financial investments and significant interest on the trading platform make security a very necessary factor that must be well sorted out, the quality & sustainability of any exchange is dependent on its level of security and stability. The Exton trading platform employs the use of a multi-modal structure that is in sync with the IT monitoring logic structure requirements in the financial industry.

Their is also the interesting aspect the innovative Extons infrastructure which has potentials and capabilities to list quality digital currency globally, even as it opens frontiers for different quality services across variety of platforms for users.

The Extons Token Economics:


The Extons Token economics comes with quite a lot of dynamism and benefits to users. The ticker for Extons is called TON token, this basically a TRC 20 utility token that is utilized internally in the Extons platform for regulation, payments, incentivization, and rewards aboard the platform including various other unique purposes and more anchors transaction to other cryptocurrency exchanges.
Like you know, the TRC 20 otherwise known as the TRON Request for Comment is a unique framework utilizing smart contracts aboard the Ethereum Block chain., even as this specific standard has a unique IC code of 20. This infrastructure has been receiving rave reviews by trusted experts in space.

Name Extons Token
Ticker: TONS
Blockchain Variety: Tron Netwotk
Token Type: TRC20


Screenshot_2020-08-19 Extons io--Secure Cryptocurrency Trading Platform With Fiat, BTC Trading, ETH Trading, XRP Trading, T[...].png

The Extons infrastructure is the future of trading platforms on the blockchain space, it is out with a clear path to address lingering anomalies that has our experience of trading or better still exchange of digital asset a bitter sad one. Interestingly we are been offered hope for a better future for digital asset exchange globally with the EXTONS platform that provides the amazing user experience, safer, stable with high liquidity platform. I urge users and investors to take advantage of this infrastructure while the offer lasts. 100% recommended.

For more in-depth resource, please click on the links below:

Website: https://www.extons.io/
Medium: https://medium.com/@thisoption.com
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17bk3JD1QNu71uNWXxstowz2mhF1XHnRo/view?fbclid=IwAR0YbgXfHmZCw0mLfx5-btldRtqMp_ZvKVndGMqKLVe1KJdhN39l5YHidnY
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5263768.0
Telegram: https://t.me/thisoption
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