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Bitcoin is a superior cryptocurrency and was first widely used. However, hundreds of cryptocurrency exist and more and more are popping up every month.

Cryptocurrency is also characterized by decentralized control. Cryptocurrency inventory and value are controlled by the activities of its users and very complicated protocols that are built into the rules governing it, not conscious decisions from the central bank or other regulatory authorities. In particular, miner activity - cryptocurrency users who utilize large amounts of computational power to record transactions, receive newly created cryptocurrency units and transaction fees paid by other users in return - are essential for currency stability and smooth functioning.

With the increasing number of users and extension contingents concerned, most industries increase the number of services, allowing for various treatments with coins. In this project, the maximum popularity is captured by the crypto-currency-exchange currency trading platform, in a way that anyone can buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Cryptonity is a combination of two words: Crypto and Community.

Simple but powerful and meaningful, our goal is to become an exchange that is respected by the Cryptocurrency Community. We aim to provide the most comprehensive, safe, transparent and collaborative exchange platform on the market.

We want to bring a good vibe to Crypto World, violating the 'profit only' policy of most exchanges.

Community-based trading platform
Involve the crypto community in the evolution of the platform to meet their needs and requests: features to be developed, coins to be registered, etc.
Responsive multilingual customer service, low cost, and fully transparent policies.
Features of "Forks", "Airdrops", "Staking Rewards" and "Masternode" to be implemented.

Comprehensive "Cryptosystem"
Providing our users the most ergonomic and high-performance trading tools.
Users who have our Cryptonity Token (XNY) are given the lowest cost on the market.
We plan to develop our own Blockchain and decentralized exchanges with the participation of our community through valued programs.

Security & Insurance
Providing our users the safest trading platform, working with the best security experts on the market, audited twice a year by independent security companies.
The first crypto exchange to provide insurance to return our users in the event of a loss.


  • Maximum protection: Two-factor authentication (2FA), e-mail login, all kinds of confidential questions and anti-phishing code, automatic PDF creation with 2FA QR code and keys, and FIDO U2F security key

  • Deposit and withdrawal of Fiat funds through SEPA and SWIFT.

  • Market orders, limit and stop losses.

  • Assistance in analysis and strategy choices.

  • POS wallet and master.

  • Participation in Airdrop and support for some forks.

  • Users who store internal Cryptonity tokens (XNY) in their portfolios will be able to get the lowest possible commissions when trading on the stock exchange.

Token info

Token XNY
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20

Price in ICO 1 XNY = 0.23 USD
Minimum Transaction: 0.05 ETH

Investment info

Accepting ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
Distributed in ICO 60%

Soft cap 500,000 USD
Hard cap 20,120,000 USD

Public Sale 1 Starts: Oct 31, 2018
Public Sale 1 End: Nov 30, 2018

Public Sale 2 Starts: Nov 30, 2018
Public Sale 2 End: Dec 14, 2018

Public Sale 3 Starts: Dec 14, 2018
Public Sale 3 End: Dec 31, 2018


January 2018
Confirmed start of the Cryptonity Exchange project.
Legal consultation and creation of our French Company.
Start development of Cryptonity Exchange platform and mobile apps.

August 2018
Cryptonity Initial Coin Offering website released.
WhitePaper circulating into general public.

September/October 2018 Bêta Version and mobile apps released with active trading.
Trading pairs will be announced at launch.

November/December 2018
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

January 2019
Cryptonity Tokens (XNY) Distribution (15th, Jan) Official release with Cryptonity Token (XNY) as trading pair.

Q2 2019
Start of “Heroes” Program and “Coin of the Month” listing system.
Optimization of our infrastructure, development of technical teams around the world and constantly updating our platform.
Negotiations with organization where we operate that can provide a license Crypto → Fiat → Crypto (France, Malta, Philippines).

Q3 2019
Evaluation and integration of “Staking” rewards for our users.
Evaluation and integration of “Masternodes” feature for our users.
Evaluation and integration of Airdrop feature, Forks support, users security features etc.
Implementation of Trading Competitions and partnership for security audits.
Implementation of “Feature Request” and “Coin Request” sections.

Q4 2019
Opening our offices in Asia.
Development of our own Blockchain and our decentralised platform with the contest for developers.
Evaluation and integration of strategy and analysis tools, such as “Portfolio Tracker”, etc.

Q1 2020
Service extension as an ecosystem of centralised and decentralised applications around cryptocurrency trading, decentralised services (Trading, VPN, Chat), Fiat and many more areas.
Integration and start of our 24/7 Customer Service Live Chat and Phone Assistance.






If you want to know more about CRYPTONITY, Below are some useful links where you can find more pieces of information



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